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The AAA Approach To Getting the Best Work Out of People

If you are a manager or leader, it’s no doubt obvious to you that your ability to elicit the best from others plays a major role in your ability to deliver results. If your team resists your feedback, your ideas, and your direction, you will get a
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Statspeak: Shopping trends using coupons in 2015

 Click on graphicIncreasing penetration of internet and growing usage of smartphone in the past few years has brought about a remarkable transformation in the way India shops and trades.The Indian e-commerce market is set to reach $16.3 billion
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4 Facts on Immortality You Need to Know

Robin Sharma shares 4 little-known facts in the spirit of being helpful to your agelessness. 
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4 Promises Leaders Don’t Even Know They Make

As a leader, your team expects a great deal of you. Their expectations constitute the promise of your leadership, but only 5-10% of leaders meet these expectations, according to Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough
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Hindu Ancestral Property

To determine a person’s share in Hindu ancestral property, three sources of law have to be understood – 1) Old Hindu law 2) The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and 3) Judicial decisions.    To determine a person’s share in Hindu ancestral
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The Entrepreneurship Purpose- is it only creating something BIG?

What is Entrepreneurship all about? When we think of Entrepreneurs we admire we think of Steve Jobs, Narayan Murthy and others, and think of the large corporations that they have created. We are mesmerized by the BIG organizations that they built.
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Kenneth Rogoff: Extreme weather and global growth

  Until recently, the usual thinking among macroeconomists has been that short-term weather fluctuations don't matter much for economic activity. Construction hiring may be stronger than usual in a March when the weather is unseasonably
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Ajit Balakrishnan: The pain of innovation

 Whenever the talk about innovation bubbles up into a fever, as it is currently doing in India, I abandon my normal route to work from Colaba to Mahim through pretty Marine Drive and take the inner route, through Chinchpokli and Jacob Circle. I
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Role of MNCs in India

Get back to basics - do not give up morals and ethics in the land of humble people.100's of MNCs coming into Indian Market in the name of liberalization every year.  What are the primary responsibilities, accountability and moral resp to be set