The psychology behind what makes a YouTube movie go viral

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  For many brands, creating a 30 second YouTube movie that goes viral is the holy grail of marketing. But ensuring the success of a viral-produced movie is still largely hit-and-miss.

5 Time-Tested Success Tips From Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos

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A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. Amazon's Founder, Jeff Bezos has had an incredible entrepreneurial career. He has gone from simply selling...The post 5 Time-Tested Success Tips From Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos appeared first on John

Retention — The Top 10 Ways a Manager Can Identify Who Is About to Quit

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There are few things that are more shocking to a manager then to have one of their top-performing employees suddenly quit on them. Some managers have described it as the equivalent to a “kick in the gut.” It is a shock not only because losing a key employee will damage your business r

Is your campaign different enough?

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I was listening to the radio the other day, when I heard an interesting interview with Lindsey Stirling of 'dubstep violin' fame. What caught my attention was what Stirling had to say about YouTube's role in her success.

Reinventing the Wheel: Creating Lifetime Customers

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"These types of relationships are not easily formed nor are they formed overnight. They require exceptional care, attention, and a focus on continuously exceeding expectations. At Zane’s, where we have chosen to compete on service rather than on price alone, it means providing unparalle

The Road to Pandora

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“For those who work in advertising, simply being fascinated with the future isn’t enough. We have to glean insight from it and process it and wrap it up in a bright shiny message that sells this incrementally better future to the rest of the human race (or, at the very least, our ta

How to Program Your Mind to Attract What You Want

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We all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet most of us simply aren’t creating the results we want. We don’t have enough money, romance, success or joy in our lives. But what we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us.

Why small businesses desperately need systems!

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Think your employees should all have common sense? Think again. Any assumption that anyone else should think the way you do is, in fact, the opposite of common sense! The truth? Assumptions about other people often open the door to a swift takeover by the infamous Chaos Inc.

The Growth Strategy Your Company Isn’t Using

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When companies are in growth mode, chasing so many business opportunities, talent is almost an afterthought. And it makes sense: there are so many other pressing business matters to think about, issues that require immediate attention, like growing sales, developing and rolling out new products a

Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

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  Consumers are increasingly turning to search engines such as Google and Yahoo as a convenient and quick way of finding products and services.