Thoughts on education and the burgeoning trophy shortage

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It's graduation season, so a few relevant links about school, students and our future: Here's the audio of an interview I did with PlayBuffet My TEDx talk about education And a reminder about Stop Stealing Dreams, a free manifesto
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​When Jim Carrey gives a speech what would you expect? Lots of humour, surprises and entertainment: That is what one gets in this Convocation Address, however it is loaded with inspiration. In a way only Jim Carrey can pull it off. A must watch, amazing video for students and businessmen. ​
Maharishi University of Management (http://www.mum.edu) granted degrees to 285 students representing 54 countries. Jim Carrey

What we look for in employees

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I’ve hired about a thousand employees over the years.  It’s one of the joys of owning a business – giving opportunities to people who want to work and succeed.  It’s also one of the challenges of owning a business – hoping that you have been a sharp

Why Building Your Brand Is All About Sharing Your Values

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As a brand manager, it is your responsibility to make people of different demographics, geographical locations, and socioeconomic statuses feel like members of one collective whole--your brand tribe.   Brands need values that hold their community together, and as a smart tribe

Do you have Waigaya meetings?

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Honda does. They have an established practice of spontaneous, agenda-free meetings in which people discuss problems, share facts, express opinions, challenge each other including senior colleagues, and attempt to find effective solutions.

Is your campaign different enough?

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I was listening to the radio the other day, when I heard an interesting interview with Lindsey Stirling of 'dubstep violin' fame. What caught my attention was what Stirling had to say about YouTube's role in her success.

IIM Bangalore Entrepreneurship Summit- Eximius’14

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Bangalore, Aug 10, 2014 Trendin.com Eximius’14 aimed to challenge people to traverse the less trodden paths and explore non mainstream avenues of entrepreneurship.


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Bangalore, Aug 9, 2014 Inauguration   IIM Bangalore witnessed a grand inaugural session of the 7th edition of its Global Entrepreneurship  Summit, TrendIn.com Eximius’14. Dr. Shashi Tharoor addressed the students on the theme of the  Summit, “The Road

Eximius’14 from 8 th to 10thAugust

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IIM Bangalore’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit features Shashi Tharoor, Mallika  Sarabhai, Piyush Pandey and Piyush Mishra Bangalore, August 06, 2014   In this rapid changing business environment, everyone looks for something different;  something that w