Why You Should Never Ask to Pick Someone’s Brain

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Entrepreneurs share a strong camaraderie—a sort of unspoken solidarity within the small business community. But the commonplace phrase “pick your brain” can transform connecting into begging. And since entrepreneurial etiquette can be a bit confusing, my small business slice cle

13 Social Media Tips From Top Executives

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Social media is a tool that can skyrocket your company to success if used effectively. It is

Your Assets and your family

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You are striving hard to earn and accumulate assets directly and indirectly. But have you thought about guarding the documents on the assets and information (where is what) and passing it to your children systematically?

How Managers Can Teach Employees To Solve Their Own Problems

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Managers often find themselves trapped in the middle of situations that aren't theirs to solve. Say one of your team members comes to you pleading that you compel another of your direct reports to handling something a certain way.

Pitfalls of Agile Transformations

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  “We are a conservative company, so we are just starting our agile transformation,” the manager told me. “But we expect big things from it:  faster delivery, easier recruiting, happier customers.” “Interesting objectives,” I thought to myself.

5 tips for running your first influencer marketing campaign

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This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.   The rise of social media has given consumers more power than ever before, arming them with a platform where they can engage brands in

Developing Patience

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The Developing Patience IQ Matrix explores the quality of patience and how it can be utilized effectively to help transform your life and open doors of opportunity to success in any field of endeavor.

CFO as a business partner

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Every finance department and CFO aspires that the function that he/she leads adds value to the business. Finance and the role of a CFO in being a driver rather than just being a record keeper is now a part of virtually every finance transformation session.

Are You a Compulsive Consumer or a Connected Contributor? (Part Two)

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This post is from Ron Kaufman’s upcoming new book, The Joy of Service. Read Part One now… Every time you consume something, you have an opportunity to connect and contribute to someone else’s experience of life. The extent or degree of connection—and its effect on the oth

Are You a Compulsive Consumer or a Connected Contributor? (Part One)

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This post is from Ron Kaufman’s upcoming new book, The Joy of Service.