6 new pitches for selling your product, your idea, or yourself

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One of my favorite chapters in To Sell is Human is Chapter 7 — titled “Pitch.” In those pages, I describe research from Kimberly Elsbach of the University of California-Davis and Roderick Kramer of Stanford University that reshaped my notion of what pitches are actually for. The

The Business Model Theater – Can You Put on a Show?

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After several years “on the market” there are now multiple Business Model Canvas adaptations floating around. People sometimes ask me about them. This blogpost provides an answer by explaining the Canvas through the analogy of a Theater (watch the video). It shows why we got it right

Why Most Marketing Conferences Fail to Reach their “Social” Potential

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It’s the weekend and because I’ve been contemplating Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW13) these past few days my thoughts are drawn to this word we hear so very much about—Social—and the fact that although so many conferences (in and out of the marketing realm) may have

Stop The “Customer is Always Right” Bully

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Do some customers bully your business? You know who they are. These customers suck your business dry and leave nothing in return. No matter what they say, all you hear from them is “the customer is always right!” Learn about ways to recognize customers who abuse their power in my new

Why givers (often) succeed: 5 questions for Adam Grant

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Every so often a book comes along that changes the way you see the world. Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, which comes out today, is one of those books. In 305 insightful pages, Wharton professor Adam Grant recasts our notions of what it takes to succeed. Talent is a factor, of

First, do no harm--three rules for public interfaces

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When we think of design, we usually imagine things that are chosen because they are designed. Vases or comic books or architecture... It turns out, though, that most of what we make or design is actually aimed at a

As Search Engines Become More Social, Everybody Wins

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In the last decade, companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have revolutionized the way we

A Missed Opportunity — Failing to Use References for Recruiting Top Talent

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Most know references to be a tool for checking a candidate’s background, but reference-related factors can also be one of the simplest, cheapest, and effective areas for identifying top candidates. Even the best corporations that excel at recruiting routinely fail to realize that references and the

The lesson of Lost value

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A new study finds that underestimating strategic risk is the number  one cause of shareholder value destruction. In fact it is strategic  failure that caused more than 60% of shareholder value  destruction. In determining this one should not start by looking at be

Velocity of Opportunity

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  Speed wins deals and procrastination (delay) kills deals. A statement very strong, but true…however, something which all the sales professionals would agree based on their experience in the field. Every buying decision that a customer takes, involves a complete process of evaluatio