Ask These Questions About Your Professional Network Before It's Too Late

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Many years ago I got the dreaded call into my boss's office. He told me and a number of co-workers that our jobs were being eliminated as part of a company "restructuring". No fault on our part...it was just that our skills weren't needed at that time.   Luckily

How to Attract and Recruit the Right Service Talent

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There is a time-tested maxim: what you think about expands in life, and what you focus on becomes clearer. What you see and say repeatedly will shape the way you live today and who you will become tomorrow. You can apply this principle when recruiting new team members by following these five step

10 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

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Recently something terribly obvious--yet powerful--occurred to me: If you want to achieve things that no one else has done, you need to do things no one else does. So, I thought, who achieves things that very few do? I made a list of the top 10 entrepreneurs that I learn from daily. Then I though

Grow Your Business at Entrepreneur India 2013

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Entrepreneurship is not just about the wealth-making opportunity; the biggest stimulus for an  entrepreneur is the journey itself. Thus entrepreneurship is all about striking the right balance  between our fun and fear so we can build the enterprise of our fantasy.

3+1 = Networking Success

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If I’ve been asked this question once, I’ve been asked it 100 times:  What is the one secret to success when networking for business?

How to Pitch Better: The Email Pitch

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In the second short video based on Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human, wherein I reveal the six successors to the elevator pitch, we answer this urgent question: How do you craft an effective email subject

From OTIF to Inventory reduction in DC's...

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On Time In Full - OTIF or DIFOT which is delivered in full on time are some metrics or performance indicators that we see product companies publish or highlight.

Three Productivity Apps You Don’t Know, but Should

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Some internet apps are useful. The catch is you have to know about them first. What about some of the more obscure services out there? Do you know what you don’t know? Watch this short video to find out about three of my favorite productivity apps that you likely haven’t heard of yet.

Everyone Can Do Service Benchmarking

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Traditional business benchmarking is a high-level activity with careful target selection, substantial pre-visit planning, and a rigorous process of post-visit evaluation and implementation. You can do this, too. But don’t let a thorough and detailed approach stop you from encouraging a much

Ping me when it's broken

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Here's how a storekeeper makes sure the store is working: She sits at the register and watches. If the line is twenty people long and folks start walking out, she hires another cashier. If too many people pick up