For Entrepreneurs, Passion Can Become A Pitfall

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When I graduated from college, I was dead set on making positive change in the world. My passion was international development and I deeply cared about making the world a better place. That is why early in my career I went and took a job in the nonprofit sector, bright-eyed and enthusiastic fo

All hyperbole is totally useless

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Sure, it gets people's attention, but does it change minds? Hyperbole needs to be hooked up to a story in order for it to make a difference. A story that resonates, that matches our worldview, that holds up to

Brad Feld: Secrets To A Successful Startup Life (Hint – Creating Wealth Ain’t Everything)

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  A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. In their new book Startup Life, serial entrepreneur and venture investor Brad Feld, along with his...The post Brad Feld: Secrets To A Successful Startup Life (Hint – Creating Wealth Ain’t Everything) appeared first o

A leader creates work culture for staff to excel

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Burberry Kisses started with the idea of giving technology a heart, and using it to enable people to express their love to each other across the globe by telling a story that makes the digital personal, says Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer of Burberry who, in his field of work doesn

We had to reinforce trust; such is the category: Manoj Gaur

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What has been the most important sales promotion you have engineered so far?   One of our most important and successful promotions has been the 60 days 60 cars carnival with Rs 1 crore as a bumper prize (in association with Saviour Builders).

Timeless Branding Lessons From A Young Steve Jobs

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"It’s a complicated and noisy world," muses a younger Steve Jobs, "and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us.

Complexity and the Ten-Thousand-Hour Rule

Recommended by: Malcolm Gladwell
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From: www.newyorker.com   By: Malcolm Gladwell  
A few thoughts on the 10,000 hour rule--and its critics. http://t.co/NhMNgxsfnU   Forty years ago, in a paper in American Scientist, Herbert Simon and William Chase drew one of the most famous conclusions in the study of expertise: In the years that followed, an entire field within psychology grew up devoted to elaborating on Simon and Chase’s observation—and researchers, time and again, reached the same

Steve Ballmer and the Art of Managing a Monopoly

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  Steve Ballmer hasn’t been getting much love recently. On Friday, when he announced that he plans to retire as Microsoft’s C.E.O. at some point within the next year, the firm’s stock had its best day in years, rising seven per cent.

The 5 Worst Pieces of Advice for Small Business Owners

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When you’re starting a business, there’s no shortage of people eager to hand out advice.

The State of Sales

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I will go to the ends of the earth to find ways to improve communication and selling, so I was delighted to be invited to Israel in July to be briefed by the crème-de-la-crème of Israel's intelligence community.  Wall-to-wall briefings introduced me to 25 top strategists,