Do you or someone you know gossip at work? Very Practical Story.

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Is gossip at work a problem? Try this...Have you or anyone you have known been guilty of gossip at work? The chances are you answered yes. Do you see it as a problem? The chances are you answered yes.

An ad to remember

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I think this ad is very creative and funny, yet gets the message across and has great retention value. They have used something popular to their advantage. Find out how you can save or rescue your important data, like a true HERO!Only Rajni can turn reality into dream..

Forgiveness - A tonic for Happiness

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Hi Everyone. With stress levels at an all time high, the worst thing we can do is to add to it through unresolved issues of the past. People can hurt us from time to time, but we can hurt ourselves on a day to day basis. Here is the link to my blog on Happiness - through Forgiveness. Do fee

Organizing Logistics & Supply Chain - The 'finish' to a new beginning!!!

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In the earlier three parts, had the opportunity to pen my thoughts across 1. What is the logistics and supply chain space all about, and where do we currently stand? This is purely an internal reasoning which is envisaged by all players in this chain 2. What are the intricacies in this space?

Negotiate Like A Car Salesman: 5 Tactics To Help You Win Every Time

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Whether you want a raise, different responsibilities, or more resources, knowing how to negotiate is vital. Here are 5 (non-sleazy, promise!) tricks straight from the car lot that will help you get what you want at work.The image of the sleazy, greasy car salesman is (kind of) unfair, at least bas

Winners thrive on competition

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I hate to lose. That said, I am proud to admit that competition has made me a better businessman, a better golfer and a better person. And when there isn't another company or business to compete with, I try to outdo myself. If that sounds simple, well, it is.
If there is one story which demonstrates how to take on the Goliath, it is the story of CavinKare. Chinni Krishnan Ranganathan, shook up an industry dominated by the big guys like Unilever and P&G and brought shampoo to the masses. There are several takeaways from this really well written article below.

The Power of Defining the Problem

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Well-defined problems lead to breakthrough solutions. When developing new products, processes, or even businesses, most companies aren't sufficiently rigorous in defining the problems they're attempting to solve and articulating why those issues are important.