The Essential Key to Making Your Web Content Understood by Absolutely Everyone

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As I was churning away on my elliptical Friday night around 11pm, I found myself watching the latest episode of NBC’s “The Shark Tank”—a show that I’m starting to feel should be required watching for every entrepreneur and business owner from here to the North Pole.

Degrees of freedom

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The more choices, the more freedom, the more freedom, the harder it is to decide what to do next. When parachute jumping, at the key point, there are only two degrees of freedom: jump or not. When marketing, of

The Best Entrepreneurs Never Break This Business Rule

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Have you ever felt like you were inconveniencing a small business with a simple call to place an order? You could be making the same mistake by breaking a little known and often overlooked business rule. Find out how to make it stop in this short video. Please watch and share your thoughts.
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This is one comprehensive list of blogging tools I have come across. What I liked is the style in which the tools have been presented and the variety of tools suggested keeping a regular blogger in mind. Picked up soom new tools from here.After years of blogging I've learned to love a select assortment of tools that have helped to make blogging easier, quicker, and more fun. Some of these tools may not

Where are your assets?

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Do work and get paid once. Build an asset and get paid for as long as it lasts. A retailer or a restaurant owner might work 18 hours a day--but the landlord makes just as much money from that

Lay Off your Buildings and Not your People.

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The nature of how we collaborate and do work has changed dramatically. Without email and internet the only way to collaborate and work was by being at the office, in one place, so one could see and talk to each other. With email and so many collaboration tools, the need to see each other for commu

Success Isn't an Entitlement…It's Earned

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Everyone wants some degree of success. Everyone may have a different personal definition of success, but I've never met anyone who didn't want to be successful in or at something important in his or her life.

Sales managers set the example

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Why is it that the general counsel of a company is always   a lawyer and the head of engineering is always an engineer, yet the top sales manager isn't always a sales person?      Sales is the engine that drives a company.

The importance of contingent capital

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There are only two ways to finance a company: with equity and with  debt. You sell pieces of equity in return for a piece of the profit. Or  you borrow money, hoping you do what you do well enough to pay  the money back and have enough left over for profit. One is fis

New Media Summit

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Dream Attire is a corporate communications and media buying agency under the leadership of Ms. Preeti Sharma. She has relentlessly worked towards bringing in innovations to the Advertising, Media, Technology and Productions. The sole aim of  New Media Summit is to encourage innovations a