Faster is Master

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The old paradigm of Might is Right... was indicative that the bigger we are, the more we can succeed. With the arrival of machines, and our increased control over systems, processes and technology, we find that human strength is really nothing when we have the power of mechanics, hydraulics, elect

Chaos catalysts Growth

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In the following writeup, I have brought out the simple analogy that everything that appears as a 'mess' is always not a cause to despair: Many a time, during times of crisis and a deadline looming large, we face a moment of utter loss when a ray of light does eventually emerge.

How Managers Can Transition into Successful LEADERS

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It is common practice that managers of successful line units keep getting promoted and head functional units and some of them eventually get promoted to run an entire business. However, the skills, outlook need to run a specialized functional units are more focused to usually one discipline and re

32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to stay abreast of emerging trends, new technologies and tools, as it can be the differentiator in gaining competitive advantage over others in the space. Also, we can assess whether the current product/solution we are pursuing is part of a pie that is increa


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Mobile market is evolving every day and the list of technologies and apps designed especially for the smartphone market are innumerable. On one side, you have technologies and gadgets accessible only by the affluential and gadgetgeeks. Then you have mirroring technologies and gadgets that are for

Top 10 Tips to keep your Inbox to less than 20 emails

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A question for you:  How many emails are currently in your inbox?  Go on, be honest… 20, 40, 60, 100+, A never-ending inbox of emails is the cause for long working hours, stressed out entrepreneurs and procrastination.  It is also the reason why so many people feel that

Smart businesses catch the "Age Wave"

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With each passing birthday, some wise guy asks me if I'm finally going to retire. Oh, how I hate that question. I love my work, and I love to work. And as it turns out, I'm part of an emerging demographic: the longevity revolution. It's also an underrated generation. To confirm my s

8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work Culture

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Several years ago I was in the Thomson Building in Toronto. I went down the hall to the small kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee. Ken Thomson was there, making himself some instant soup. At the time, he was the ninth-richest man in the world, worth approximately $19.6 billion. Enough,

Business Lessons from Beethoven

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In this Fascinating Ted Talk Jose Bowen compares Beethoven to Bill Gates, and shares how Beethoven was a smart businessman, and essentially both he and Bill Gates were writing software, Beethoven for the Piano and Bill Gates for the computer.

Knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing your product

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On a national sports radio program recently, the two talk show hosts were discussing star quarterback Peyton Manning and the enormous impact he is having in his new football home, Denver.