Collaborate with your Competition? You Bet!

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During my years as a management consultant, I would regularly participate in    management organization “hubs” made up of other consultants, many of whom    could be considered my direct competitors. However, each of us also had specialized 

Resolve to solve workplace conflicts

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Hercules, according to legend, grew increasingly irritated by a strange, menacing animal that kept blocking his path.  In a fit of anger, he struck the animal with his club, killing it.  As he continued his path, he kept encountering the same animal, each time larger and more menacing

Managers are not MBAs: You will not get to learn Management in an MBA program

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There is a lot wrong with how companies are managed. Henry Mintzberg and Ricardo Semler share very emphatically why they think an MBA education only equips one with business knowhow like finance, marketing, etc. but does not equip one to be a Manager.

Big Change In Recruiting Leads To Internet Company’s Rise

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Assemble a great workforce. Change your hiring methods if you’re falling short.   That has keyed the recent success of Rise Interactive. The Chicago-based, internet marketing company offers a good lesson in adaptability for start-ups and early stage businesses.   Only a few years

Beyond cost cutting

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In India, companies are facing top-line pressure for the first time in a long while, and simultaneously, demand stagnation is leading to plunging profitability, forcing companies to explore multiple avenues to reduce costs.   In these turbulent times it is more critical than e

The benefits of communication

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If you thought just having a well documented corporate benefit strategy was enough to attract and retain talent, you might be in for a surprise. A majority of the respondents to the 2013 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends Survey said value perception does not increase noticeably as benefits spend increa

Impact = Repeat Customers... and Lots of Them

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From: khoslaimpact.cmail2.com  
RT @i_futures: In this excellent blog post @KhoslaImpact urges #ImpInv to measure impact by customer satisfaction: http://t.co/nm6KhSbXCz @… At Khosla Impact, we agree with Peter Drucker's old refrain about customer-centricity. Without customers, a company cannot serve its employees or its shareholders.   That is why the most important "impact metric" for us is customer satisfaction -- our portfolio companies aim to deliver the best possible value

Breaking out of silos

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Companies like Microsoft 's Yammer, Salesforce 's Chatter, and Jive all recognize that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are highly effective at fostering serendipity. People can connect with friends or friends of friends to find housing, new jobs, or even new friends.

Vinod Khosla: Lessons from the fail

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From: m.cnet.com   By: Rafe Needleman  
@vkhosla: not what I said "do you agree with @vkhosla that people fundamentally stop trying things at about 30" http://t.co/LWuU8Slq5U … Cathy Brooks interviews Vinod Khosla at FailCon (Credit: Rafe Needleman/CNET)   SAN FRANCISCO--One of my favorite tech conferences is the one focused, literally, on failure: FailCon , an annual event started in 2009. The story of our industry's success is literally built on failure: flamed-out venture

Why You Should Dump Your 5-Year Career Plan

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Good advice... I have personally interviewed close to 100 successful businessmen, serendipity instead of long term …http://t.co/nWPMMvX0Av I feel incredibly fortunate to be in the position that I'm in — running Expedia, Inc. — at a relatively young age (although I have to say that I'm feeling a bit older recently). These days, young CEOs running technology companies are nothing new, but I'm different from many of these young CEOs in that I'm not the