3 Big Rules Of Innovation From The Google Guy Behind Android And Chrome

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There's a tiny company called Google that's made a few important products, two of which are Chrome and Android.

5 Public Speaking Tips That'll Prepare You for Any Interview

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Landing a job interview is incredibly exciting –- and often terrifying. But fear not. There are clever ways to transform your angst into nerves of steel. After all, a good interview should feel like a conversation, not an interrogation.

Diversity hiring is smart

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In today's economy, employers know they have to get their hiring decisions right. Each hire brings costly and time-consuming tasks of orientation, training and indoctrination. One bad hire can interrupt a smooth-running operation and cost a business in more ways than one.

How to ask for help

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A little boy was spending his Saturday morning playing in his sandbox.  He had cars and trucks, his plastic pail, and a shiny red shovel.  In the process of creating roads and tunnels in the soft sand, he discovered a large rock in the middle of the sandbox. The boy dug aroun

It can't all be buzz

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Aiming to shock and awe: Volkswagen suspended a Vento from a building during its launch in New Delhi.

Robert Kiyosaki – 6 Ways To Finance Your Startup

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If you just started a business, your chances of getting a loan from a bank are very slim. This is because you still represent a high risk for most financial institutions since your business has not yet generated any major revenue. Few institutions have a startup department and financing

How to Pitch Better: The Rhyming Pitch

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Here’s the latest in our series of short videos based on Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human. The message of this one: Perhaps it’s time for you to

How To Find The Right Headhunter For Your Company

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In the world of business, most third-party recruiters, who are also known as headhunters, are considered to be a necessary evil.   You give them a job description, they come back with a pile of candidates and you make a hire.

A nose for marketing

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Do you know why potato chips companies make each chip bigger in size than our mouths? So that we can't put it in the mouth at one go and have to actually bite and "hear" the crackling sound of the chip with each bite.

Business Feedback: To Listen or Not to Listen?

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I’m sure you get feedback about your business all the time. People are always telling you what you should do or change. But which business feedback should you listen to? When is it valuable and worth acting on? And when is it just a distraction, keeping you busy for no good reason? Watch th