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5 Habits That Will Help Spark The Best Ideas You've Ever Had

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What if whenever someone asked you a question, you had tons of innovative ideas waiting in response? You would be a hot commodity; who doesn’t want an ideas machine?   Unfortunately for those who want this power, the science behind the eureka moment is tricky.

Targeting Gen Z: What marketers need to know

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Add to My Page   What is common among Puma, Starbucks and Lego? Each of these brands are actively engaging with Generation Z (those born after 1995) in very innovative ways. For instance, Puma 'creative factory' invites buyers to get hands-on in the creative process.

How to Find and Approach a Mentor

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All entrepreneurs need a solid support system of individuals they can turn to for business advice.

Forget Cash: What Will You Really Make At Your Startup?

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A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal. I consistently remind my UC Santa Barbara startup students that for most people,...The post Forget Cash: What Will You Really Make At Your Startup? appeared first on John

Five Ways to Destroy Customer Goodwill

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Millions of dollars are spent each year attracting new customers.  Once a company procures that customer, an investment is made to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Avoiding S-curve error

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The future is bumpy. It comes in spurts, and then it pauses. It's tempting to connect two dots and draw a line to figure out where the third dot is going to be. In the long run, that's a

Your Past Success Guarantees Nothing

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The entrepreneur is not focusing on success, An entrepreneur’s focus is on learning and applying the lessons learned. If that is your focus, then you’ll never get caught expecting your past success to guarantees future

Run the right race

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In a village long ago lived a young boy who loved nothing as much as competing in athletic contests.  Because he was fit and strong, he usually triumphed, and he grew to love the adulation he received from the villagers around him.  One day he challenged two other youths to a race fro

18 Quirky, Niche Businesses

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Business owners are problem-fixers and void-fillers. When you're starting a new business venture, you must consider a few essentials: What is missing in the marketplace, what will drive consumers to purchase and what specific niche can you can carve out.

Are Selfish Organisations Altruistic?

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Recently a relative fell ill and needed immediate platelet transfusion from a live blood donor. I posted a request for a B+ donor on the mail group of our residential community. In just a couple of hours I was swamped by calls, messages, and mails from prospective donors.