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The most important marketing decision the CMO makes...

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Is the goal to get people to notice what we make? or Are we setting out to make something people choose to talk about? If you don't know your boss's answer to this, find out. If you do, act

The value of access

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Access to people Access to capital Access to technology Access to infrastructure Access to gatekeepers Access to trust (and the benefit of the doubt) Access to civilization Access to energy Access to information Access to a clean, natural world

How a couple made almost a quarter of a million dollar business...from scratch

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We want to introduce you to Julie Mills and Julian Thornton, a couple all the way from Australia, who have gone through all the bumps and bruises of selling online products, only to come out on
From: By Maria Konnikova
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Is procrastination hereditary? This article seems to suggest that to some extent it is. But then do not blame it on your parents so soon, because it also shares how one can overcome putting off a task by breaking it into small doable chunks and by keeping distractions away. Interesting read.
Credit Photograph by Martin Parr/Magnum.   Want to hear my favorite procrastination

Without a keyboard

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When the masses only connect to the net without a keyboard, who will be left to change the world? It is possible but unlikely that someone will write a great novel on a tablet. You can't create the spreadsheet

People who like this stuff...

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like this stuff. When you work in a genre (any genre), break all the rules at your own peril. Sure, you need to break some rules, need to do something worth talking about. But please understand who the work

How to Live Mindfully

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The following is a how-to guide with an accompanying mind map that explains step-by-step how to live more

How to Sustain Your A-Game (Every Day)

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One of the world’s most trusted peak performance experts, Robin Sharma, shares that it is fine to play at world-class for a week...but what makes legendary is sustaining it for a lifetime.

The most important thing

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The next thing you do today will be the most important thing on your agenda, because, after all, you're doing it next. Well, perhaps it will be the most urgent thing. Or the easiest. In fact, the most important

Avoiding S-curve error

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The future is bumpy. It comes in spurts, and then it pauses. It's tempting to connect two dots and draw a line to figure out where the third dot is going to be. In the long run, that's a