What Is the BEST Thing I Can Wish You in 2012?

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In the last few days of 2011 and now in the beginning of 2012, I have been wondering what was the best wish that I could wish my friends.

Should I wish my friends prosperity? I was not sure. At a recent annual day of the Alumni of my college, NITK Surathal, one of the speakers, an alumnus of NITK and then later an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, and also an author, shared that although today he was in a position to come up with a business model that would generate a lot of money, he decided he would NOT do it because he did NOT want it. So what did he really want if it was not money? He wanted more to do what he loved, something worthwhile, something that he always wanted to do that would make him happy but didn’t do because of the fear of the unknown and financial constraints.

So financial prosperity alone may not be what I wanted to wish my friends. I am not saying that money is not important, but financial prosperity alone does not seem to be the answer.

Should I instead wish my friends success? And I realized ‘success’ means different things to different people, and ‘success’ is such an overused word, that often it does not really mean much.

So what was I to wish my friends?

Over the years, as I have been meeting different people, and working with various clients, I realized that most people deep inside are looking for more than money, they are looking for satisfaction – something that gives them ‘fulfillment’. And money ALONE, often did not provide that satisfaction or fulfillment.

We are all given 3 things by our creator – the 3 T’s (TTT), i.e., time, talents (skills, education, capabilities,…) and treasure (money, resources, …). I believe that fulfillment is achieved by INVESTING our time, talents and treasure (TTT) in the best possible way every day. That’s what makes us feel good! That’s what gives us deep satisfaction.

To know whether I am investing my TTT ‘in the best possible way’, I need to check whether I used my TTT in the best way to get financial results, to develop close relationships, to develop myself, to do things that matter beyond my life time (leaving a legacy), to relate with my creator, and to check that I did not waste my TTT on things that I know that I should NOT be doing. I can check these as regularly as I like – I can check them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

But I DO need to be checking regularly.

To check these however, I need to have some goals to check them against. So then, do I have goals in the areas of financial results, relationships, self development, leaving a legacy, relating with my creator, and also goals of things I should not be doing?

So then, what do I wish for you in 2012?

I wish for you in 2012, that you will set simple goals (usually simple goals end up being very powerful). Goals in these important areas – I am going to repeat the areas at the risk of sounding repetitive – in the areas of financial results, relationships, self development (health relaxation and fun for me and my loved ones, knowledge/skills development, …) , leaving a legacy, relating with the creator, and also listing the things we should not be spending our TTT on. I wish also, that in 2012, you will check how you are doing in these areas, as regularly as you like, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. But for sure, regularly. As they say, what gets measured, often gets done :)

In short, I wish for you in 2012, that you have great FULFILLMENT!

Warm Regards,

Binod Maliel
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