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Mom finds very creative new use for her daughter's degree

"Your degree won't keep you warm at night." Anyone with a degree in anything associated with arts or humanities has likely heard some variation of this statement.  Well, Twitter user @blahblahSPEAK's master's degree might do literally that,
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Soccer player scores brilliantly odd goal, follows it up with an even better tweet

When it comes to soccer, getting the ball into the back of the net is the main thing. It doesn't really matter how it happens. SEE ALSO: England fan gets soccer player's face tattooed on his chest after making Twitter promise Here to demonstrate
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Alex Jones is so eager to stay on Twitter he's attempting to follow its rules

Belching human smokestack Alex Jones is scrubbing his Twitter accounts of their most overt violations of Twitter's Terms of Service.  On Thursday, CNN published a list of InfoWars and Jones tweets that contained fun content like individual
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Twitter CEO explains alleged 'shadow bans' — again

Twitter's CEO is still going out of his way to appease conservatives and conspiracy theorists. One day after publicly reaffirming his company's decision not to suspend InfoWars host Alex Jones, Jack Dorsey went on Sean Hannity's radio show to
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Little girl on her first day of kindergarten is all of us realizing summer's pretty much over

With the school year just around the corner (or, in some places, fully here,) kids and parents across the U.S. are mentally preparing themselves for another year of homework, projects, and exams. But this little girl finishing up her first day of
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Rolled ice cream videos are the mental summer vacation you need

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were in line for some food. We had been together for a few hours
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Yet another Elon Musk tweet has been turned into a meme

Another Elon Musk tweet, another meme. At this stage it's not even out of the ordinary. SEE ALSO: Twitter will lock your account if you pretend to be Elon Musk On Tuesday, the Tesla CEO posted a tweet to say he was considering taking the company
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People are sending thoughts and prayers to the NRA, which says it’s in financial trouble

The NRA says it's in deep financial trouble, and a lot of Twitter isn't buying it, as evidenced by the way they've turned a rhetorical trope on its head.  SEE ALSO: Sacha Baron Cohen, crime-fighting Obama show why satire is a dying art under
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And now a verified 'Donald J. Trump' Twitter account is scamming crypto

President Donald J. Trump has made a lot of absurd promises over the course of his career, but free cryptocurrency is still not one of them. Though you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise, as a verified Twitter account bearing his name today
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Maisie Williams launches new app, takes to Twitter to answer questions

When you think of Maisie Williams, the first image to spring to mind is probably that of list-keeping badass Arya Stark. But did you know the Game of Thrones star is also an entrepreneur? SEE ALSO: The first 'Game of Thrones' spinoff starts filming