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The New New Thing: Blockchains and Recruiting

If reading about AI is making you feel like Alice in Wonderland, then take heart, there’s something new on the horizon — Blockchains. The technology has been around since 2008 but is now getting more mainstream in business applications, though...
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Vinod Khosla: Re-inventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology

From: Via: Here's my talk from #Slush17 on Reinventing Societal Infrastructure With Technology:
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General Counsel And Survival Strategies — For Themselves And For European Manufacturers

Today’s global upheavals are having a profound impact on the role of the general counsel within the manufacturing sector. This final blog on the topic explores survival strategies, for both European manufacturers and general counsel themselves.
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General Counsel And Technology Risks

Forbes Insights surveyed 200 general counsel, exploring the role that the general counsel plays, outlining the trends reshaping this role and the strategies manufacturers are embracing to ensure success in this age of disruption. This post focuses
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Qualcomm’s new depth-sensing tech to bring richer AR experience in future Android smartphones

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been around for quite a few years now. The consumer adoption of the two technologies has perhaps begun very recently. With
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GlossaryTech Continues To Expand Its Catalog for Tech Sourcers, Integrates With LinkedIn

A big hurdle in the tech recruiting and sourcing world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and staying up to date with the jargon. There are a lot of online glossaries and websites to source technical information. Most of...
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Technology in Manufacturing

From:   By: Sandeep Kannan Via: Technology in Manufacturing https
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The world's lab for energy tech

From: Buisness-standard By Arunabha Ghosh Recommended by: business-standard India has, thus far, failed to leverage the scale of its energy demand and its need for advanced technologies to promote research and development (R
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A ‘World Without Mind’: Big Tech’s Dangerous Influence

From: Via: .."..But what’s getting automated right now isn’t upper-body strength. We’re not automating our