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The Hazards of Going on Autopilot

From:   By: Maria Konnikova Via: We are using humans as safety nets or backups to computers. That's completely
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Buffalo Introduces DriveStation FlexNet

Buffalo announced DriveStation FlexNet, which allows the user to simply and quickly toggle between the high speed capabilities of USB 2.0 interface and the convenience of centralized storage with the push of a button. This new feature comes with a
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Buffalo Launches LinkStation Quad

Buffalo announced the launch of its' LinkStation Quad, which provides large, secure and remotely accessible storage.  The new LinkStation Quad allows consumers to share multimedia files and other digital assets securely from any computer on
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Buffalo's LinkStation EZ500 Hits the Indian Market

Buffalo Inc., announced its Linkstation EZ which will add to Buffalo's wide range of NAS products. Buffalo's Economical NAS Device is the ideal solution for the end users facilitating them simplified file sharing for home or small office
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Buffalo Announces External Blu-Ray HD DVD Player

Buffalo introduces unique MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD. It offers users the best of both worlds and supports our customers' various needs, while providing unmatched flexibility, giving users the ability to watch and save their favorite movies,
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Buffalo expands the shore with 3TB NAS

Buffalo increases the capacity of its TeraStation Live and TeraStation Pro-II as more people accumulate vast amounts of digital content such as music files, graphics and films. Both of Buffalo's latest NAS devices deliver data transfer rates of