Go Ahead, Let Your Desk Get Messy

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Years ago, I hired a professional organizer to assess my home (and life). At the time, my husband, son, and I were crammed in a one-bedroom apartment. I also worked out of a corner of the bedroom designated as the “office.” This meant I basically spent 24 hours a day surrounded by a mash-up of book

10 Apps That Could Supercharge Your Career

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No one said that it was easy out there.We’re talking about the job market, of course. And in this competitive environment, even small advantages can have a big impact on whether you land the gig.Small advantages like these eight low-cost (and, in many cases, free) apps, which can help you climb the

How Lego Survived Against All Odds—And You Can, Too

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LEGO has just become the biggest toy company in the world--but it hasn't always been that successful. Throughout the years, it has survived and thrived against all odds, repeatedly.LEGO's story of survival begins with its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen .“Life is a gift, but it’s more than just that.

Enduring Startup Lessons From Silicon Alley 1.0

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Back in the early ’90s, when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was still in middle school, having an email address set you apart from the crowd and people debated the viability of CD-ROM vs. the Internet, a group of tech pioneers changed the world.Working out of run-down New York lofts and windowless offic

How Yelp Encourages Users To Write More Thoughtful Reviews (Even On Mobile)

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Customer reviews are the heart of Yelp's popularity and success, and yet you couldn't write a review from mobile until August 2013.Consumer and Mobile Products Vice President Eric Singley tells us how they figured out how to get users to write out high-quality reviews--through gentle nudges, clever

Want the Job? Learn How to Ace an On-Screen Interview

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When it comes to hiring, more organizations are casting a wide net to find top talent. As such, they are incorporating technology into their recruiting processes.It’s just not practical for companies to fly every potential candidate to their headquarters for an interview in person, so today’s job se

Khosla Ventures: Exploring Decentralization at Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2014

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On March 11-13, Cleantech Group is hosting the largest and longest running Cleantech forum in the world, Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2014 . This annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community offers a comprehensive development program along with exclusive opportunities to network and make deals happen. In the lead up to the Forum, we’re chatting with leaders across the resourc

My 5 Favorite Travel Apps

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Like many of you, I find myself relying more and more on my smartphone and a little less on my laptop. That's especially true when traveling.

Browse less, find more

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You don't like a helicopter salesperson, but you like to be addressed by name when you enter your favourite retail store. You have little time to browse through the products randomly piled across the shopfloor, but you hate to be prompted along the way. You are a fastidious shopper, but you don't mi