How A Top Female Exec At Google Brings Poise From Ballet To Business

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It’s not often you hear a high-ranking executive at a tech company discuss the merits of classical ballet as a business metaphor, but Bonita Coleman Stewart isn’t your typical leader.Currently, she’s vice president of partner business solutions at Google, having worked her way up from a position as

What The CEO Of 2040 Will Look Like

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Meet Melissa. These days, she's in the early stages of her career. Fast-forward 25 years to 2040, and she's the CEO of the future.With women comprising 60% of U.S. college students and 40% of MBA students, women will represent around 30% of the top 2,500 CEOs around the world in a quarter century, a

Looking for a Job? Hundreds of Openings From Texas to Virginia

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Looking for a job? The Mashable Job Board is the place to search. With over 3,000 employers, we have a wide variety of top companies seeking talented people to fill job openings in different industries. Also, be sure to read our Job Search Series for career-changing tips.Every week, we highlight rec

Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation

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Editorial ReviewsReviewADVANCE PRAISE for Collective Genius:Tim Brown, President and CEO, IDEO—“The leadership of innovative teams and organizations is perhaps the most confounding mystery in business today . . . Collective Genius reveals the principles by which we can unlock the collective potential of our colleagues and release the creative potential of our organi

Beer waste could be key to growing new bones

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You’ve probably heard the saying that someone drinks like they have a hollow leg, but who’d have ever guessed the waste from all that beer they drink could actually go to filling the void?The Centre for Biomedical Technology of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and the Institute of Materials Science and the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of Consejo Superior de Investig

Answers to last week's quiz (#359)

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Add to My PageRelated NewsAt its annual conference in 2013, this MNC announced plans to hire people diagnosed with autism, with a target to have 1 per cent autistic work force by 2020. Name the company and the rationale it cited for doing so.The German technology major SAP made this announcement. Th

The three secrets of successful Indian globalisers

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Add to My Page   Among Indian businesses that have expanded their operations internationally, companies that we call advanced globalisers stand apart from their peers. For one thing, they boast a well-established international footprint and a strong presence in terms of assets

Cancer Research UK And Social Apps: Using Big Data Technology

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Have you wondered how you can use the latest technology to spread awareness on cancer? CRUK

Ask The Experts: I've Been Unemployed For Over A Year, How Do I Stop Feeling Like It's Hopeless?

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It's been said that losing your job can be as traumatizing as a divorce or a family death.But the situation can feel more stressful after the dust has settled and a lot of time has passed without finding new work.Ask The ExpertsHello,I hope you can help. I feel completely at a loss. I’ve been unempl