Eleven things organizations can learn from airports

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[Of course, this post isn’t actually about airports]. I realized that I don’t dislike flying--I dislike airports. There are so many things we can learn from what they do wrong: No one is in charge. The airport doesn’t appear

Salary cuts should begin at the top

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After a bitter battle, the lawmakers in the US state of Michigan voted to approve a Bill euphemistically called ‘right-to-work’ and the Bill has been signed by the governor. It is a law that

Why do most strategies fail to lift a company’s fortunes?

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In my last month’s post I had written about the importance of insight in shaping effective strategy. Besides lack of insight, strategies fail for two other reasons. One, managers often confuse strategy with outcomes.

The Impact Matrix: Prioritize Your 2013 Initiatives Using This Startup Ninja Tool

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This article previously appeared in Forbes. It is that time of year again - annual planning season. Dynamic, growing startups consistently identify more ideas and

The cycle of customers who care

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Organizations that grow start by selling their serices and products to people who care. These organizations are staffed by people who care making something that demands "caring-about" for people who have chosen to care. It can be colored shoelaces

Who's really important in the organization? Everyone!

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A sea captain and his chief engineer got into an argument about which one was more important to the ship. Finally they decided to trade places for a day. After a few hours, the captain suddenly appeared on deck, covered with oil and soot.   "Chief!" he yelled wildly w

In Business, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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Strategy is often talked about in business schools, in fact it’s a primary focus. Culture however, is less understood. Culture involves a variety of contributing factors including a blend of attitudes, beliefs, mission, philosophy, and momentum that help to create and sustain a

How Insights Shape Strategy.

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Why do strategies fail? The principal purpose of strategy is to achieve a desired future state by making the business competitive. Strategies fail when they are inconsistent with the long-term goal.
We are enamored with Change and disruptive innovation, yet often business success is a result of a sustainable business model, which in this article the authors says is a result of simplicity, focus, and mastering the art of continuous change. Interesting read covering the success of Mumbai’s Dabbawallas, to Ikea and Nike.

Talent Strategies for a Turbulent VUCA World — Shifting to an Adaptive Approach

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It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow! --Author Jason Jennings If the rate of change inside your firm is slower than the rate of change occurring outside your firm, your end is in sight. --Jack Welch’s philosophy Even the most optimistic business l