The top 10 business bestsellers

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by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn Published by Random House Price: Rs 499 * How to focus on the main product offering and resist the temptation to expand and complicate OWN THE FUTURE: 50 WAYS TO WIN FROM THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP by Michael Deimler, Richard Lesser, David Rhodes, and Janmejaya Sin

Why you need to Focus

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Most, if not all, consistently successful firms focus sharply on a few things. Most managers, however, believe it means addressing niche markets and chasing small opportunities. It seems to be restrictive and consequently assumed that a focuser is destined to remain small.
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I have found this link important to be read by Entrepreneurs or Decision makers to realise the necessity of Human Resources in any growing organisations.
  by Ruth Mayhew, Demand Media HR occupies an vital role within an organization. Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images Human resources is important to organizations in 10 specific areas, ranging from strategic planning to company

Memo to the modern COO

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Why is it so hard for organizations to understand what Tony did with customer service at Zappo's? Instead of measuring the call center on calls answered per minute, he insisted that the operators be trained and rewarded to take

Personality of Inquisitive Organisations

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Last month I had written about how leadership behaviour inculcates the spirit of learning. Surely learning orientation and leadership behaviour stem from corporate culture? What are the key cultural aspects of inquisitive organisations?

Measuring without measuring

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As an organization grows and industrializes, it's tempting to simplify things for the troops. Find a goal, make it a number and measure it until it gets better. In most organizations, the thing you measure is the thing that

Leading from All Levels in Your Organization

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If your company is going to pursue building an uplifting service culture, leadership must initiate and support the process. But service leadership must be extended and ultimately embraced at all levels of the organization. Let’s take a closer look at how to lead from all

The lesson of Lost value

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A new study finds that underestimating strategic risk is the number  one cause of shareholder value destruction. In fact it is strategic  failure that caused more than 60% of shareholder value  destruction. In determining this one should not start by looking at be

Sales managers set the example

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Why is it that the general counsel of a company is always   a lawyer and the head of engineering is always an engineer, yet the top sales manager isn't always a sales person?      Sales is the engine that drives a company.