Inkling's E-Books Put the Consumer in Charge

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The invention of the Kindle , we're still consuming flat text files on devices capable of so much more.Inkling , a digital publishing company founded by Apple alum Matt MacInnis in 2009, hopes to fulfill the early promises of e-readers by creating beautiful, interactive editions of reference titles

How the Cloud Can Save Businesses Money

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Susan asks,Can the cloud save my business money?Businesses love to talk about moving to the cloud to save money, but it's not as easy as picking up a pile of clothes and moving it to the bed. Figuring out how the cloud will work best for a company takes time and proper research, and what works for o

Is Data Porn Good For Anything?

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Data porn.That's what the software entrepreneur Dave Sifry said it was. I'm glad I finally have the right name for it--the onslaught of data that has suddenly entered all our lives, but doesn't help us at all, and may indeed hurt us. It may be data, but it's not actionable information, and if we exp

Apple Acquires Locationary to Improve Maps

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Apple has acquired Locationary, a Toronto-based startup that organizes data on local businesses, for an undisclosed sum.Apple confirmed the deal to AllThingsD, which also reported hearing from sources that the acquisition included Locationary's team and technology. Apple did not immediately respond

How Radical Transparency Kills Stress

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A Utah-based research software company, Qualtrics, practices a management approach they call “radical transparency.”Details and data regarding individual and company performance--including quarterly objectives and results as well as weekly snippets of employees’ past work and future goals--are share

INSZoom Updates I-9 Verification Software to Match New I-9 Version

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  The leading immigration technology company updates its leading Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) management software to include changes made in the March 8, 2013 version of the I-9 form.   San Ramon, CA – Date – On March 8, 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Don’t Separate Design from Implementation

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I was a programmer for about fifteen years. Then I managed a factory IT department for a few years, and managed vendors delivering software for yet more years.  In all of those years (with one exception), software was delivered on time and customers were happy.

Vishwas joins INSZoom, leader in immigration tech space

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In my career, I’ve partnered with companies at the cutting edge of technology who are major forces in their distinct industries, said Mudagal. INSZoom‘s technology is a mainstay in the immigration software field, but it also has the potential to become a major force in legal and human ca