Killer Relationships

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Can your relationships Kill you? Yes, they can. The good news is we can identify these, and we can eliminate them, before they eliminate us. Please feel free to comment/add your views there. Ian Faria.

The Networking Disconnect

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I was at a networking event in Europe last year where more than 500 people were in attendance.The speaker who was on stage just prior to my presentation asked the audience: “How many of you came here hoping to do some business today–maybe even make a sale?”  The overwhelming


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THE PROFESSIONALISM IMPERATIVE what is it, how to be   Most people seem unable to clearly define ‘professionalism’. Try asking this in your office. Responses will be varied, and you won’t get a clear and succinct definition of the concept.  

Immediate Opportunities for Leveraging Businessgyan Print Assets.

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Now that Businessgyan has decided to close the Digest, The Magazine / Print edition ( Print No More ).

Talisma, to host India's first-ever webinar on 'Knowledge Management for Customer Service'

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  Talisma, a leading provider of Customer   Relationship  Management (CRM) and Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions, will be hosting India's first-ever webinar on "Knowledge  Management for Customer Service&q