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From Despair To Euphoria (and Back?)

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Without more fiat money creation by the Fed, the global bubble is going to

Why The Global Economy Is Unable To Recover

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As I have written before, I believe that our economic system should be called Creditism instead of Capitalism because credit growth has been THE driver of economic growth for

What’s Worrying The Fed?

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Before I launch into this week’s topic, let me mention that at the bottom of this blog, you will find a link to a speech I made recently:  How Capitalism Died & Where That Leaves Us.  The production quality of this video is particularly good, so I hope you’ll watch it. 

Making downtime count

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Last year was one more difficult year for the tourism and hospitality industry in India. A protracted global slowdown and a sharp deceleration in the Indian economy have been at the root of their misery over the last few years. High inflation, especially the sharp rise in food and utility costs, ris

The ECB Is Worried and It Should Be

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On June 5th, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced an aggressive package of policy measures designed to encourage banks to lend in order to kick-start the economy and to prevent deflation from taking hold in the Eurozone

The Most Important Number In The World

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My finance professor at business school once told my class that the most important number in the world of finance is the yield (i.e. the interest rate) on the 10-year US government treasury

What Janet Yellen Didn’t Say: The B-Word

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Appearing at a luncheon of the Economic Club of New York on Wednesday, Janet Yellen, the new head of the Federal Reserve, gave her first big speech on monetary policy, and, in some ways, a fine address it was. Yellen reiterated that there is still a good deal of slack in the labor market, and that t

Emerging Market Convulsions

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Emerging Markets went into convulsions last week as foreign capital headed for the exits. Equities and currencies took a significant hit in most of the developing economies around the

Vote for Robert Kiyosaki as Your Favorite Financial Expert

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In 2012, author and personal finance guru, Robert Kiyosaki, edged out popular financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker, Dave Ramsey, as voted by almost 50,000 followers of This year, these two experts, along with 10 others, will be featured a

What’s all the Yellen About?

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I do not envy her, but I respect her.  Her concern for the unemployed is genuine; and her fears about the consequences of long-term unemployment are well founded.  I wish her the very best of luck – and so should you.  Our future depends on her