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5 Ways To Tell If You're A Micromanager

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When it comes to managing employees, striking the balance between hands-on and micromanaging can be tough. After all, you want to be sure that employees "get it" and that the work is being done well. What’s the harm in making sure?It could be more than you think. A 2014 survey by staffing giant Acco

Firms throwing their doors open to boomerang employees

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Facing a talent crunch and high workforce churn, the human resources division in corporates are waking up to the reality of a new type of candidate circling the hiring pool: the boomerang employee - someone who left an organisation, and now wants to return.In a recent survey covering more than 1,800

A Four-Step Process To Save Face After You've Lost It At Work

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It finally happened. You snapped and yelled at that annoying coworker, or your boss finally got under your skin so much, you actually cried. Now come the feelings of shame, embarrassment, and, "What do I do now?"Losing your cool at work can be a problem. In the best-case scenario, it leaves people a

Culture and performance

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A recent expose by The New York Times about the work culture at internet giant Amazon just shows what great leaders have always known: that without a thriving workplace culture, organisations suffer from inappropriate business practices, employee disengagement, uninspired products and services, and

Sometimes, the rules really do need to be broken

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Humans need rules. Rules make life more predictable. But when rules multiply, the world needs rule-breakers.The creator of the underground website Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, was sentenced to life in prison for creating an online space that allowed people to use bitcoins to buy and sell things. Some used Silk Road (named after Marco Polo’s trading route from China) to sell illegal drugs. Pe

Book Extract: Integration is never easy

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LEADING WITH STRATEGIC THINKING: FOUR WAYS EFFECTIVE LEADERS GAIN INSIGHT, DRIVE CHANGE, AND GET RESULTSAuthor: Aaron K Olson, B. Keith SimersonPublisher: WileyISBN: 9788126556915Price: Rs 499In early 2005, Procter & Gamble (P&G) agreed to acquire Gillette in an effort to combine many of the world's

Is there a business case for flexible working?

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At Godrej Industries, employees are offered a basket of flexible options to choose from such as flexi time, part-time work, work from home etc. The company says it has witnessed fall in the number of applications for sick leaves after it reworked its sick-leave policy and made it uncapped and trust-

I Think I'm Being Bullied At Work, What Should I Do?

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Studies have proven what we already know: Having friends in the office makes work significantly more enjoyable. Your relationships with your coworkers are so important, in fact, that they can make a bad job bearable and a good job untenable.This week, psychologist Art Markman helps a reader figure o

3 Reasons You're Not Getting A Promotion

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After spending a year or two at your job and feeling like you’re exceeding expectations, it’s only natural that you yearn for the next step. Promotions mean more responsibility, a chance to add value, and potentially more money in your bank account. But what happens when your boss is silent but you

How one disgruntled employee can destroy your company

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Disgruntled employees can really screw over a company’s reputation, and AshleyMadison just learned that lesson the hard way.The cheating website is reeling from a hack that put the information of nearly 37 million users at risk, and some are saying that it might be difficult for the $100 million com