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Set them free

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Putting traditional company structures to one side, firms should recognise that all human resources available have a role to play in creating a rich organisational cultureThe concept of freedom is perhaps something not many workers would see as belonging to the company world. Work hours have to be r

So Many Leaders Get This Wrong

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We've always said that human resources should be the most powerful part of an organization. So why, in reality, is its impact more often felt in a negative way?Because human resources, unfortunately, often operates as a cloak-and-dagger society or a health-and-happiness sideshow. Those are extremes, of course, but if there is anything we have learned over the past five years of traveling an

The Importance of Finding (And Facing) Your Weaknesses

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In Steve Martin’s hilarious 1990 mob spoof, My Blue Heaven , his character laments, “Everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, but then they don’t.” In the same way, many of us think we know our strengths and, more important, our weaknesses.However, the level of self-awareness it takes to truly ev

Reinventing HR-line manager relationship

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Conflicting priorities, old-fashioned protocols and mutual frustration can hamper relations between HR and line managers, to no one's benefit, finds a Hay Group research. The global research, based on 150 HR directors and 600 line managers, finds half of the line managers feel that HR teams are slow

Today, HR leaders aspire to be viewed as business partners: Anmol Nautiyal

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HR leaders need to start communicating in the language associated with financial statements, Anmol Nautiyal tells Ankita RaiWhat are the new HR challenges thrown up by the protracted economic slowdown? The effectiveness of HR as a function has been hotly debated over the past few years...We are at t
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December 18, 2013 2014 will be an exciting and challenging year for HR, learning, and talent professionals. In summary, this is a year businesses will find it increasingly difficult to attract, retain, and develop their people. Passion, engagement, development, and innovation are key. ( Download our 66 page Predictions Report here .) Global economic growth will create a new level of competition

Leadership needs a human touch

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In the VUCA world, many organisations are continuously reinventing themselves to keep pace. There are far too many examples of absolutely top-class organisations becoming irrelevant like BlackBerry and Kodak.In this context, reinventing the HR function is a foregone conclusion. There is pressure to
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As adults, the behaviour of not taking risks that do not have predictable outcomes, can be traced back to the thoughts/experiences we acquire in our childhood.

How to make your Message Viral

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Want to have your message become viral? Is there a way to spread the word without big budgets? I have long wonderd if there is a systematic way one could make a message viral. I finally got a lot of answers. I Watched this Video and then read the book. Jonah Berger has done extensive research on why messages spread.Some key take aways for me:-No need for large budgets.No need