Want to Take Your Ph.D. Further? Think Like an Entrepreneur

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In a crowded hotel conference room in downtown Brooklyn, N.Y., in October, Jerry Engel told dozens of earnest young scientists and engineers to cut the “scientific crap” and instead identify would-be customers who might care about their products. Frank Rimalovski piled on, urging attendees presentin

Inkling's E-Books Put the Consumer in Charge

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The invention of the Kindle , we're still consuming flat text files on devices capable of so much more.Inkling , a digital publishing company founded by Apple alum Matt MacInnis in 2009, hopes to fulfill the early promises of e-readers by creating beautiful, interactive editions of reference titles

Why You Need Several Versions of Your Resume

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You’ve been fishing for a job for a while and so far, not one bite. Not even a little nibble. But before you beat yourself up, it may not be you — the problem may be with your resume. In today’s job market, a one-size-fits-all resume may not do the trick to getting you the job of your dreams. Seriou

A good leader strategises and always leads from the front - Hindustan Times

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Rana Kapoor, founder managing director and CEO of Yes Bank, has steered the bank since its inception to a height of glory at a time when the going has been tough. As the chief of the bank, he along with his team, decided to invest in the media and advertise at a difficult time.

5 Surprising, Science-Backed Ways To Get Smarter Today

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So it turns out that, contrary to what your SAT scores told you, we can actually get smarter day by day--depending on what we do with our days.

If Your Glass Is Half Empty, Rejoice: How Pessimism Can Make You More Productive

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When a thousand CEOs were surveyed about their half-full/half-empty outlooks, more than 80% of them were rated as "very optimistic." Which could be a problem if you care about productivity and the performance of a company.   As Wharton psychologist Adam Grant argues at Link

Army of Robot Baristas Could Mean the End of Starbucks as We Know It

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Starbucks’ 95,000 baristas have a competitor. It doesn’t need sleep. It’s precise in a way that a human could never be. It requires no training. It can’t quit. It has memorized every one of its customers’ orders. There’s never a line for its perfectly turned-out drinks.It doesn’t require health insu

Do You Have What It Takes to Be CEO?

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Do you have your eye on a plush corner office? Chances are, you'll need more than ambition alone to land a top spot in the C-Suite.If you've ever wondered what factors contribute to C-Suite status and success, check out the infographic below. It details a few of the most common characteristics of mo

Google Stock Hits $1,000 for First Time Ever

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Google is officially part of the ultra-exclusive $1,000 club.The search giant's stock topped $1,000 a share on Friday for the first time in its history, making it one of only a select few businesses including Priceline, Seaboard and Berkshire Hathaway to hit that milestone.The company's stock had be

Are Ads Coming to Messaging Apps?

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Mobile messaging represents an oft-unsung yet powerful worldwide trend. WeChat has over 400 million users; WhatsApp has over 300 million; Viber hit 200 million a few months ago, and dozens more boast user bases in the tens or hundreds of millions on various app stores worldwide. The volume of conver