Social Networks making it work for you

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    Social Networks making it work for you         Issue 72                        15th March 2007

    Celebrity Speak



    Social role of the IT industry
    Professor  Amartaya Sen





    Cover Story
    Social Network to knowledge communities - a corporate journey
    In conversation with Raj Datta, Genereal Manager, Knowledge Management, MindTree Consulting Ltd. Bangalore

    Network your way to success

    Social Networks

    Want to Join a Networking Group?
    Dr. Ivan Misner & Niiraj Shah

    TASMAC Mixer

    Hows and Whys of a Social Network


     The Spark
    The Collapse of the Pyramid
    Balaji Pasumarthy

    HR Gyan
    The Mind of the Leader

    Though Spring
    Where is that insight?
    Ramanujam Sridhar

    Quality Gyan
    Customer Created Quality Problems
    Pradeep Kumar E T

    Pep Talk
    The Voice - Indication of Emotional State
    Ian Faria

    She Means Business
    Intuition and Guts
    Introducing Ms. Uma Balakrishnan of Axcend Automation & Software Solutions. 


    The future of the internet
    A talk by Google's Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton G Serf

    Web 2.0 ... a State of Mind!


    Internet Enabling your community.


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    The Candidates Are in Control: The New Age of Infinite Recruitment Marketing

    SourceCon Atlanta delivered great insights into the changing nature of our industry. If you missed it, you should know that one of the underlying themes was “recruitment marketing is coming.” We are living in a time of unprecedented job advertising
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    The Top 18 Articles of 2018 – #2 Sourcing With Style – Creating Memorable Content

    In the era of videos, emojis, and gifs, the written word is still a powerful way to share our thoughts, stories or how we learn. We have used stories for generations to pass on knowledge to others. It is still...
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    Why You Don’t Need VC to Build a Billion Dollar Business

    “Although the business press is filled with exploits of VC-funded ventures, the reality is that 94 percent of billion-dollar entrepreneurs took off without VC, and only about one in 10,000 entrepreneurs truly benefits from VC. Silicon Valley venture
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    Why “Many-Model Thinkers” Make Better Decisions

    Three ways to construct a powerful combination of perspectives.
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    Goods transport cross borders

    From: Buisness-standard By TNC RajagopalanRecommended by: business-standardLogistics service providers having registration as Authorised Economic Operators may now obtain a TIR-Carnet from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
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    Go find a ladder

    While it might be fun (or appear expedient, or brave, or heroic) to try to scale a cliff with no tools, it turns out that ladders are a more effective way to level up. When it’s time to drive a nail, a hammer is a lot more useful than a rock. Even
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    You Are Destroying Recruiting

    This is the sense I get when reading so many articles or LinkedIn posts. Recruiters, especially new ones, are evil. They are lower than car salespeople, worse than the political campaign calls and just a wee bit better than the...
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    Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

    Use them to improve the sales process, not just evaluate it.
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    Denying the heart

    If you want to annoy someone with back pain, tell them it might be in their head. And if you want a medical practitioner to feel disrespected, you might trying bring up the placebo effect and how it’s often more effective than ‘real’ medicine.