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Social Media - You need to do it yourself not outsource.

Guy Kawasaki in this interview shares how Entrepreneurs are getting it all wrong when it comes to Social Media. It is a very different process from hiring a consultant to set your strategy, goals etc. The best way is to create an account in facebook
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An I.D.E.A to channelise Empowered Customers.

Empowered consumers are more potent than ever asserts Josh Bernoff, Sr. VP at Forrester Research, and they use the social media tools to share their experience of your product or service. And their influence is growing, Marketers need to treat them
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Social Media Changing the way News is created.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Media is all around us.  It no doubt is changing the way we consume news, share ideas and thoughts. How dramatically Social Media is changing the Media landscape, in terms of how quickly news is shared, how
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Three Trends in Business Networking

    There are three trends in business networking that I foresee over the next several years.  They relate to: Integration Education Association Integration Many business people have said to me:
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Retailing - Viral Marketing

Admit it! We all listen to what other people say...good and bad. If it works for us we call it advice and if doesn't then it must be gossip, yes? Regardless, there is a way to actually profit by the human need to 'communicate' by