SMART announces curriculum-based digital lessons easier with new version of SMART Board software

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SMART Technologies Inc. announces that SMART BoardTM software 9.5 for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and Apple Mac OS X is now available. Integral to every SMART Board interactive whiteboard, SMART Board software 9.5 makes creating, managing and using digital content easier for teachers - ease of use is a key consideration in this, and every, version of the world's most widely used interactive whiteboard software. New features include more curriculum-based content, a keyword search and multimedia integration.

Developed in consultation with teachers, version 9.5 builds on the core functions and intuitive interface upon which SMART's education customers depend. NotebookTM collaborative learning software is the whiteboarding application within SMART Board software 9.5 and the digital content hub. It features ample whiteboarding space where teachers and students can write notes in digital ink and create, interact with and save digital content from a variety of sources, all from within Notebook software. The Gallery feature allows users to arrange and store their own digital content to complement the more than 6,000 pre-loaded images, backgrounds, audio, Macromedia® Flash® and video files. Over 500 new learning objects have also been added from companies such as Intel® SkooolTM, Espresso Education, Froguts and Daydream Education. A Gallery keyword search is used to access stored content quickly.

With version 9.5, teachers and students with SMART Board interactive whiteboards in their schools are also entitled to take-home privileges, enabling them to download Notebook software to their personal computers. Teachers can then create and prepare lesson plans at their convenience, and students can review lessons and do homework at home using either Windows or Mac operating systems. Version 9.5 is a free upgrade for SMART Board interactive whiteboard customers.