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2018 was the year self-driving cars hit a roadblock

It's been a long day. As you ride home from the office, you start to nod off. You close your eyes as the self-driving car merges onto the highway. When you’re zonked out 15 minutes later, the car changes your route because of traffic, and
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You can explore the garage where Google was born on Street View

To celebrate Google's 20th birthday, the tech giant is opening up the garage it was founded in, plus a bunch of other fun things. The Google garage, as it was in 1998, is now explorable on Street View, complete with many CRT monitors, cables galore
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Google's secret China censorship project shares a name with Sergey Brin's mega-yacht

Well, this is awkward.  As Google employees continue to protest their company's no-longer secret plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China, one little detail seems to have gone largely unremarked. Namely, that the project
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If tech CEOs were Founding Fathers, here's who they'd be

It's time to celebrate America. What better way to cheers to the old white men who created America than to honor the middle-aged white men who still control it? Of course, in America today, some of our politicians don't command much reverence or
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RIP Larry Harvey: Burning Man's leading light dies at 70

Larry Harvey, the co-founder of the Burning Man festival who grew it from an event on a San Francisco beach to a desert arts festival of global significance, died Saturday. He was 70. Harvey had been hospitalized after a stroke on April 4, and had
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Tech leaders to Trump Dreamers are vital to the future

From: Mashable By Kerry Flynn Recommended by: Mashable There's no U.S. tech industry without immigrants—Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Google cofounder Sergey Brin, Uber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.They, among other leaders in
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4 Facts on Immortality You Need to Know

Robin Sharma shares 4 little-known facts in the spirit of being helpful to your agelessness. 
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How Google became the most valuable business in the world

From: Mashable By Seth Fiegerman Recommended by: Mashable By the middle of 2010, it was clear that something was broken at Google.Investors, analysts and members of the media who once touted the company's fast growth started to
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All of Google’s—er, Alphabet’s—companies and products from A to Z

From:   By: Mike Murphy Via: All of Google’s—er, Alphabet’s—companies and products from A to Z