SAP achieves record breaking new customer wins till date in 2007

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According to an official release, SAP achieved a record breaking number of new wins in 2007 with almost 400 Indian enterprises choosing SAP as their preferred business software solution, translating to the addition of more than two new customers per work day in 2007. This year SAP India further consolidated its market leadership across significant verticals like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Higher Education and Research, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Engineering & Constructions, Home-building, Auto-component Manufacturing, Metals and Mining, IT services, Media, Mill Products among others.


SAP India witnessed this unprecedented momentum of new-wins across the entire span of the country in all regions and across all segments - Large Enterprises, Small & Midsize Enterprises and Very Small Enterprises in India. Today, SAP solutions empower over 1,800 Indian enterprises from across these segments. Some recent customer wins for SAP include MRF Tyres, GMR Group, SAIL, M N Dastur, Century Plyboards, Ceat Limited, University of Mumbai, Radio City, Provogue, Jaypee Group, Gulf Oil, ABB, Binani Cement, Tide Water Oil, ARTEMIS Healthcare, Birakia Holdings, M&B Footwear, Paradeep Phosphates amongst others.


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