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To Persuade More Effectively, Pre-Suade First

From: Via: To Persuade More Effectively, Pre-Suade First. As promised, here is the article from CBS Small
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Surprise! Cialdini Adds 7th Principle, Unity

From: Via: RT @rogerdooley: Unity: Robert Cialdini's Surprising New 7th Principle of #Influence https://t.
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Why You Hired the Hi-Po Over the Proven Professional and Persuasive Tactics You Thought Good, But Aren’t

Human nature leans toward excess. If pricing on the regular soft drink makes sense, then the supersize drink seems like a steal. If jogging three miles a day keeps you in shape, then training for a marathon should make you...
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How to Improve Your Social Media Content With Persuasion Psychology Principles

From:   By: Nancy Christinovich Via: How to Improve Your #
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Principles of Persuasion: Ideas you should integrate for your online Marketing

From:   By: Author: Steven MacDonald Via: RT @kbavandi:
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How to Leverage the 6 Principles of Persuasion in Your Email Marketing

From: Via: Thanks @KristenWritesIt for writing this great article on using #persuasion in your #email #
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What the Psychology of Persuasion Shows Us About Getting Influencer Marketing Right

From:   By: Nicola Brown Via: How to get #influencer #marketing
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Principles of Persuasion

From: Via: Principles of Persuasion Workshop is coming to #Singapore 2-3 Oct 2017. Don’t miss out. Seating is