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Adorable dogs mistake their owner's braid for a chew toy

In, what is perhaps the cutest mishap ever, two dogs mistook their owner's braid for a chew toy.  During a lively play session with their owner, pups Cooper and Murphy excitedly discovered their braid and began to enthusiastically play with it
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Owner sets up security camera to figure out how their clever dog keeps escaping

The Dog Liberation Movement has officially begun. Take a look at this Frenchie, who used their dog wiles to break free from their designated dog zone. Unable to figure out how the dog kept escaping, the owner set up a camera to catch it in the act
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'Gold diggin' dog scams McDonald's customers pretending to be a stray, owner says

A dog with some seriously good begging eyes has apparently been tricking McDonald's customers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma into feeding her.  While some customers may see Princess the dog lurking outside the McDonald's and think it's a stray, her
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Watch this dog reunite with his owner after 3 years on the streets

Are you holding anything? Put it down. Are you in a quiet place where you can turn up the volume and cry loudly? Grab tissues.  SEE ALSO: Dog jealous of other dog's ear medicine is the most wholesome thing we've seen Please take a moment to
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Dog owner leaves a very poignant memorial for their pooch

Brace yourselves: this one is equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. On Monday, a photograph of a memorial an owner had left at the beach for their dog went viral on Reddit. SEE ALSO: Dog jealous of other dog's ear medicine is the most
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8 essential keyboard tips every iPhone owner should know

If you're an iPhone owner you probably spend a good chunk of your day using the onscreen keyboard. But are you getting the most out of your experience? We're going to take you on a journey starting with a simple tour around your keyboard settings to
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MoviePass' owner lost a lot of money last quarter, and it's also getting sued

MoviePass' recent struggles are no secret, but things just got even worse.  The movie subscription service's parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics Incfiled its quarterly earning report, revealing it ran up an operating loss of $126.6
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New Ownership at CareerBuilder Means Cost-Cutting, Layoffs, and Departing Executives

It’s not 1999 anymore. There was a time when anything with a dot-com at the end of it was akin to a rocket ship blasting to a moon made of money. Job boards like were thought to have tremendous...
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Flickr's new owner is here to save it from oblivion (again)

After years of languishing under Yahoo's (and, more recently, Oath's) ownership, Flickr has finally found a buyer. Image hosting company SmugMug announced Friday that it'd acquired Flickr for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, which was first
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Cat has delightfully surprised reaction to meeting owner 1/4 mile away from home

There's nothing like bumping into a friend in an unexpected place. On Wednesday, a man from Brighton, UK was out driving when he spotted his cat Louis out for a walk. SEE ALSO: Cat lovers will enjoy sipping from this cute tea infuser mug He shared