Six sigma helps cut costs

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Cutting down on waste and variation means costs will also drop. Explains....Pradeep Kumar E T, Country Manager - Operational Excellence, Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt Ltd.

The Entrepreheurship Summit, IIT Bombay

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The Entrepreneurship Summit is a unique initiative by E-Cell, IIT Bombay which serves as a social forum for the Entrepreneurial Community

The Juran Trilogy

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Quality management for macro processes is carried out by use of the Juran Trilogy, which basically consists of three steps- Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.

AMD Delivers Groundbreaking Platform for Ultrathin Notebooks

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AMD announced the availability of the AMD platform for ultrathin notebooks, enabling exceedingly thin and light OEM designs with rich entertainment capabilities at an affordable price.

Quality of design

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In the article titled "Quality of Conformance", we discussed that quality can be broadly classified into Quality of Conformance and Quality of Design. Quality of Conformance is basically meeting the specified quality or the ability to hold to the specified quality of design.

Root Cause

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Problem solving tools must be taught across all levels in an organisation to help people approach problem solving in a much more structured and scientific manner.