Great stories make great management lessons

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President Abraham Lincoln was once criticized for referring to the Confederates in kind terms.  A woman critic asked the President how he could speak generously of his enemies when he should rather destroy them. “Why, Madam,” replied Lincoln, “Do I not destroy them wh

Four Critical Steps to building B2B marketing Technology Stack

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Now is an exciting time to be a B2B marketer.  The year 2014 and beyond is set to be a period of real reinvention and paving new trails.  As B2B marketers, we can impact our businesses like never before.

Averting a risky decision

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On a warm February day in Chennai seven Directors and three top managers of Spectrum Softech sat down to discuss a bold idea: to acquire Bristol Software, an English private software firm.
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Perhaps the biggest problem I see with a lot of young entrepreneurs I meet is a tendency to think in black-and-white terms when the real world is almost entirely made up of shades of gray. Virtually all the successful people I’ve known over the years are multidimensional thinkers who ask a lot of questions and look at things from many points of view before arriving at what is usually the right

Two Ways of Setting Goals…..Which is More Likely to Lead to Success?

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January IIR is OUT - Two Ways of Setting Goals…..Which is More Likely to Lead to Success? @scienceofyes http://t.co/idWj4e2ubF Tuesday, 07 January, 2014 09:35 9 Comments   By: Steve Martin Are you one of the many people who start the New Year off with a list of resolutions? Does this list look remarkably similar to last year’s? Are you also one of the many people likely to break these resolutions before the end of January? Then I have some

Tender Secrets!

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Sorry, but I’m going to disappoint you if you thought this is going be something racy! Assuredly, far from it. Nevertheless, this will interest those who wish to do business with the government. But first, a flash back! My business focus is Information Technology and years back my boss tol

Popular Misconceptions of Strategy

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The subject of strategy is unique for the many misconceptions managers carry. Here are just three, and what you can do about them.  The fallacy of first mover advantage  1. First mover advantage is a fallacy dearly held.

How to Sharpen & Strengthen Strategic Thinking

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In hypercompetitive markets of today, it has become harder than ever for a business to survive.

How Strategy Education Helps

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Strategy models are like lenses. Properly used they reveal unseen facets of a business issue or situation. A broad repertoire of lenses helps managers choose relevant and applicable ones. Knowing how to wield and focus lenses is important. Leaders of many companies wis