Make or Break

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Communicating the right way can make or break your company. Positive reinforcement can motivate employees and change their attitude for the better.


Communication is a clear and distinct factor for achieving success in today’s world. In the next few articles, I will dwell on the power of communication and how to exploit this power to the max. I will begin with the power to create.


Going back to your school days, think of that one teacher whose class you never wanted to miss. That teacher used the power of making people feel better about themselves. I will refer to this power as the power to make, because it is this power that makes us feel worthy, and creates the desire to achieve more in life.


Surely, school is different from work place. Or is it not? The work place is also a learning environment. We have a time for everything. Most of all, here too we have people who guide/teach us – our mentors, bosses, peers. So, who is the one person for whom you do whatever is asked of you? The reason being that person makes you feel good about yourself. Surely you will also achieve more, while you work harder for the company. So if you are in a position of influence, where you manage a team or a project, you have to think about how you can influence the team through positive talk and through appropriate visual imagery.


Let me explain this through an example. In one of my recent programmes, there was a person who was leaving the company. When I asked him why, he said that he does not have any growth prospects there. After talking to him and explaining how I saw the company, and the possible road ahead, he decided to stay. He is working much harder for the company, and also feeling better at home. All I did was changed his perception. The company is the same. His family is the same. The starting point for this change was the talk I had with him. Words have the power to heal or the power to kill. Here the power to heal was delivered through positive talk and positive mental pictures.


A company has to honour it people, and be fair in its dealings. A company with this skill will surely progress steadily, and the people who add value to the company are those who will reap the benefits of this growth phase. Understand the value of this power that each of us possess.


Some spread happiness wherever they go, and some – whenever they go away



A few ideas to get people enthused.


1. When you enter the office, make genuine eye contact with your colleagues. Then with a warm smile and an energetic, positive tone of voice greet people with gusto. If you are shaking hands, share warmth and connect from the heart. This will add a huge amount of positive energy to the surroundings, and you’ll see the reflection of that energy.


2. Move around in the afternoons, and meet and energize at least one colleague with a genuine compliment.


3. When you have to discuss something, or someone, say good things. This will also change the mood of others around you.


4. When someone does something that is praise worthy, acknowledge it. A letter of appreciation on the notice board, or a mail to everyone will lift the spirit in an organization.


5. If someone comes into your cabin, they should see you sitting upright and looking as though you have just won an Olympic gold medal. Stand up and greet the person warmly, and genuinely.


6. They say “Some spread happiness wherever they go, and some – whenever they go (away).” Don’t be the second type.


Bringing out the best in others is an art. But the ones, who get paid really well, are those who have good people skills and not those with the many degrees or qualifications. The major part of this skill is the ability to connect with people through what you say, and how you say it. Leadership too is a skill that is built on the foundation of how we communicate. Join a communication skills programme, or a toastmasters club, and you will surely improve your communication skill and style. Let me assure you – it will be worth it. Maybe you should read some positive thinking books, and some on how to speak better. “Communicate” by Diana Booher is a great book on Communication.


Next article is on how we communicate to break, and what we can do to avoid this.


The author is a corporate trainer, experienced counsellor, and specializes in personal and professional transformation. Email:



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