Indian Climate Solutions Road Tour Arrives in Bangalore

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A group of dynamic individuals from across India and around the world are going to launch a journey of a lifetime across the country to highlight India 's local eco-solutions, and empower youth on one of the greatest challenges of our time: global climate change. Equipped with three solar plug-in electric REVA vehicles, a solar powered music band called Solar Punch, and joined by a group of dancers from Shiamak Davar's Victory Arts Foundation, these inspired individuals are powered by a passion for their future, and the belief that "a set of determined spirits with an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history" as Mahatma Gandhi said.


As part of the road tour, there will be many climate solutions activities in Bangalore . On January 4, 2009, at 12pm in Cubbon park there will be an eco fest, which will feature film screenings, painting competitions for the general public, and solar powered musical performances by Solar Punch. The afternoon's environmental leadership panel will have presentations by local environmental heroes, and will be distributing Vandana Shiva's Freedom Seeds to promote growing plants.


The Climate Solutions Road Tour will stop at Crossword for book reading at 7pm to discuss the vision for a green India . In dialogue with the young team, Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chairman, Infosys will share his thoughts on climate change and the vision for India and youth on the way forward, as outlined in his new book Imagining India. In Bangalore , the tour will also focus on the Climate Leadership Training at Infosys on 5th Jan 2009. The Leadership Training for Campus Climate Changers is a full day interactive session on climate change, beginning with basic climate science and solutions and moving quickly into brainstorming on campus solutions, creating action plans for implementation, and media training to communicate successes. Each workshop ends with a Climate Commitment session, where each individual needs to commit to taking action - Campus Climate Changers all commit to form a committed group and create change on campus. This session will be hosted by Infosys and coordinated by the Indian Youth Climate Network, featuring Special Guest youth leaders from across India , US, Australia , UK and China .


At the same time, a team from the Climate Tour will lead a workshop on "What Every Manager Should Know About Climate Change" with the All India Management Association, at Bangalore University . This session aims to train aspiring and current managers on the climate issue and help them understand how "climate solutions" can be a strategic opportunity for their companies or organizations. A "Climate Entrepreneur Session" at IIM will also be held on January 5 by bringing together successful environmental entrepreneurs and young visionaries together at the Indian Institute of Management. The Climate Solutions Road Tour team will incubate and support new ideas, taking vision from an idea to implementation.

To create solutions, the journey will include daily climate leadership trainings which aim to engage future young leaders to envision and build a greener and cleaner future. At each training, the travelers will launch a local youth network to allow individuals to start projects and share experiences locally. To communicate solutions, the group will be documenting success stories of India 's Climate Solutions to initiate an interactive database of Indian Climate Solutions (, as well as sponsoring a Climate Solutions Video contest to encourage documentation of local solutions.  For the detailed agenda, please see: