P&G Inaugurates Perfume Plant in Singapore

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Procter & Gamble selects Singapore as the home of its first perfume plant in Asia. More than three million kg of perfume produced at the plant will touch consumers from Asia.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) opened its first fragrance manufacturing operation in Asia, making the republic a development hub for P&G's billion dollar brands such as Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Ariel, Tide and Downy. Situated in Tuas, the 6,500-sq-metre-plant is also the company's first manufacturing facility in Singapore and the first perfume plant by a multinational consumer goods company to be opened here. With the addition of the Singapore facility, P&G now operates four perfume plants worldwide. The other locations of its perfume plants are the US, Germany and Mexico.

The multi-million dollar Singapore plant, which was completed in seven months, is supported by a team of 40 perfumers. Since operations began in December last year, more than 20 fragrances are already being produced in Singapore. At its current production level, the plant will supply more than three million kg of perfume annually for P&G brands manufactured across Asia. Based on extensive benchmarking with industry partners, the state-of-the-art design of the plant enables highly productive, complex but low-cost production of perfumes. Ingredients and raw materials used are sourced from around the world, from countries such as Switzerland, France, China and Japan, while the advanced, automated perfume-making systems and state-of-the-art equipment come from countries such as USA, China, France, Canada and Singapore.

Key innovation highlights include advanced real-time inventory and production control systems that monitor the production process and reflect changes instantaneously; a "Grocery Aisle" and Library, where more than 300 perfume ingredients and raw materials are immediately available on demand; and an Odor Evaluation Room that is designed to be virtually odor free for quality control assessment of perfumes produced at the plant.