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As humans, we are social animals, with a common trait that goes across borders, religions, caste or creed is that we all need and have to communicate. The medium we use is language. We use language to communicate our thoughts, our feelings, and our ideas and dreams. We even communicate without the use of words. We call this type of communicating non-verbal communication. Linguists tell us that on face to face communication, 55% of our message is conveyed through body language, and 38% is conveyed through voice. That leaves only 7% of the message - which we communicate through our words.


The best way to practice being positive is to check your attitude at home.



Why then do we pay so much attention to learning languages? Why do we fret and fume over mother tongue influence and local language idiosyncrasies? The answer is - the world is moving ahead at breakneck pace and we do not have time to figure things out. Since we do not have time, we often decide by what we call gut-feel. Malcolm Gladwell, in his fabulous book titled Blink, has waxed eloquently about the power of the mind to take almost instantaneous decisions. He has provided enough data to prove his point that the sub-conscious takes these decisions, and that these are more accurate than a decision that is pondered over. The conscious mind, does not have the time or the bandwidth to take instant decisions. It needs to evaluate and weigh pros and cons, and facts and figures. If the consequences of the decisions are serious, then, there are more seeds of doubt, and the decision gets more tedious. When we need to take quick decisions, the best thing is to rely on our subconscious mind, and go with our feelings. Interestingly, the more we take quick decisions, the better we become at this important skill. The better we can communicate this decision, the better we appear.


How then, do we come to terms with these two fascinating facets of ourselves - the power of the mind, and the ability to tap into and display this power through language?


I will explore this fascinating power through a series of articles in Businessgyan... so read on, and get better.... at harnessing your potential in ways that you may have not even thought of before... Enjoy!


First, let us explore how we communicate within ourselves, before we get down to analyzing how and what we say to others. Before we figure out how to express out thoughts, ... let us figure out how we think.  Thoughts are our first bits of the communication. The thought could have emanated from within ourselves, or it could be from an external source. Either way, how we analyze and interpret the thought is through the medium of language, and pictures. 


Our Inner Voices determine our Outer Choices


The thoughts we have are determined by our state of mind at the time. If we are in a positive frame of mind, then the decision we take will be positive in intent. If we are in a negative frame of mind, then the decision is more likely to be negative. This is a natural consequence. So it is apparent that we should train ourselves to be positive, and the decisions we take and the actions that follow will be positive. Maybe this is why we give credence to the statement success breeds success and failure breeds failure. Taking this to a new level, we could ensure that we look for the good things in our life, and this puts the mind on a positive track. This small move will also help us to see more positive things, and ensure a more positive approach to our thinking, speaking and our actions.


Thoughts are our first bits of the communication.



Let me explain this through an example - I was conducting a corporate training with one of the multinational companies where attrition was high. On the first day, the atmosphere was quite negative, with a lot of suspicion, doubts and apprehensions in the air. After changing the mood of the group through mind exercises and motivation, the second day saw a huge change in the psyche of the group. There was a lot of opening up and sharing, and by the end of the second day, people were so positive that the participants were ready to re-dedicate themselves to the company's vision and mission. And all this happened because there was a small change in the attitude, which resulted in a change in perception and a corresponding change in the outlook and the behavior of the participants. It is amazing to note how people change when they change their thinking.


The best way to practice being positive is to check your attitude at home. Most of us are able to mask our feelings in the office, or within the friend's circle, where we do not take people for granted. At home however, we feel that we do not need the mask, and our true self shows through. My challenge to you, as the reader, is to be positive at home. Think positive, and be positive, and you will take a naturally positive self to the office. We are emotional entities, and if our emotions are positive so is everything else in our lives. This may sound a little theoretical, but is actually amazingly easy and practical to follow. Why not take my challenge to think positive from today. Look for the good in everything that happens. Continue in this positive way for the next few weeks, and you will see that your life starts feeling more positive.


If you change the way you look at things... the things you look at change....


Look for the positive, and you will find it, even in adversity...


Better Thinking - Better Speaking!!!


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