Air India gears up to tackle fog this winter

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Bangalore, 13th December 2006: India's national carrier, Air India has geared up for the upcoming fog problem that airlines face in winters in the northern region. A contingency plan has been put in place to ensure a smooth journey for its passengers Air India will be rescheduling a few of its flights in order to minimize inconvenience to passengers.

The other arrangements to ensure customer comfort are as follows:

Manpower in the Delhi and Mumbai call centres will be strengthened by additional temporary recruitment. Stickers bearing emergency telephone numbers such as Call Centre numbers would be provided at the time of check-in and would also be affixed on the tickets. Important passenger information will be incorporated in Namaskar magazine and the Air India Website. Passenger luggage will be forwarded on the first available flight in case of flight diversions to Mumbai. Mini Booking Offices in Delhi and Mumbai can be approached for re-issuance and other fog related reservation activity.Hotel accommodation would be facilitated at hotels in close proximity. Mumbai and Delhi airports will provide catering.