The Atheos Collaborator

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What would you do if you are part of a large enterprise and have to identify a supplier who could take care of the air- conditioning requirements of a new facility? You may find it hard to identify suppliers who could handle a project of this size. You might also want to know about the factors that determine which technology or feature may be required. Knowledge about the clients and projects that have been handled by the supplier or vendor would also be invaluable.


There are some obstacles that often arise when enterprises look for partnerships with vendors, suppliers and strategic partners. There are often information gaps on the category such as service standards, technology options and scoping criteria. There are also information gaps related to the prospective partner on aspects such as products and services offered, clients handled, service levels offered, technology used and unique selling points.


Feedback from decision makers in enterprises indicates the need to bridge the above information gaps and reduce the time consumed in partner identification, short-listing and selection.


The Atheos Collaborator brought to you by IFMA and businessgyan addresses these concerns. The Atheos Collaborator is a revolutionary new tool that will radically change the way decisions on partner selection are made. The Collaborator focuses on products and services required for offices of enterprises and features more than 100 categories. The Collaborator has White Papers from experts on understanding each category and Fact Sheets from partners with information on their offerings.


The Collaborator will prove to be extremely useful as the collaboration process will be made simpler as benchmarks, contact details and category information will be available in one place. It will also enable the user to save a lot of time and align the purchase process with the best practices in the industry. The Atheos Collaborator will be embedded with 5000 key decision-makers like CEOs, CIOs, Facility Managers, CFOs, purchase heads,consultants, architects.  


Atheos Connect is a set of three services which will enable partners to stay connected to decision makers
24/7. Atheos Connect includes, Atheos handheld and Atheos mobile. is a website that will allow decision makers to access Fact Sheets, White Papers and a lot of other information on the internet. Atheos handheld will make partner contact information available on PDAs and Address Books on PCs. Atheos mobile allows access to partner information through SMS.



The Atheos Collaborator is bound to change the way partnerships are formed and promises significant advantages for those who use it.

Issue BG29 Aug03