Jargon Busters - Aug 02

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Guiltware: A piece of freeware decorated with a message telling one how long and hard the author worked on it and intimating that one is a no-good freeloader if one does not immediately send the poor suffering martyr gobs of money.


Source Code: This is the original program, usually a text file containing high or low level instructions in a particular language, e.g. C, Pascal, and Assembler.


Compiler: A compiler takes source code and creates an equivalent set of machine-level numeric instructions known as object code.


Debugger:A programmer’s tool, which allows you to run an executable program in a controlled environment with various diagnostic features.


Analog: The technology used by the original cellphones. Like traditional radio broadcasts, phone conversations and information are transmitted in the form of a continually varying current or radio wave. The transfer of information can be slow, so newer digital technology has largely taken its place. Analog is still useful if you want to use mobile phones in remote areas poorly covered by digital networks.


Broadband: A communication system operating at a bandwidth greater than 2 Mbps.


Bandwidth: The volume of data a line or channel can carry every second. Digital bandwidth is measured in bps


BPS - Bits per second: The rate at which one bit can be carried, normally expressed in thousands, Kbps, or millions, Mbps.


Coverage: The land area where mobile phone services are available.


DAT : Digital Audio Tape (DAT) is a compact, high capacity form of data storage, suitable for archiving or backing up large amounts of data.


EDI: Electronic data interchange. EDI is the exchange of business documents, like orders and invoices, between computers run by trading partners. It is fast, saves on paperwork, gives greater control over the way you operate and develops closer trading partnerships. It depends on proprietary systems, which are not always compatible with each other, and it can be expensive to implement.


EDIFACT-: This is an international standard for EDI, allowing information to be successfully transferred between trading partners.


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