A new religion against Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights is all about acquiring and enforcing Rights granted to a person in respect of a property created out of the Intellect. The property created can be a work of art, literature, music apart from various manifestations of Intellect. This property which is a work of art, literature, music is normally categorised as a COPYRIGHT. The word signifies a Right to Copy in respect of the person who created the property and prevents all others from copying the same either for the purpose of making, using, selling or offering to sell the work of art, music and/or literature.

There are certain school of thoughts which profess that the Rights granted to works of art, music, literature, including computer software (source codes) is unjust. Hence, there are formations of entities such as 'COPYLEFT'- opposite of copyright; 'OPEN LICENCES'- right to make, use and share software; and 'CREATIVE COMMONS'- common platform for creating and sharing works of art, music and literature. So far these were the trends existing to oppose the idea of 'monopoly' given to works of art, music and literature. Now there is even a religion to promote this and it is official !!!.... Read more