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Pradeep Kumar E.T. A Master Black Belt in Six Sigma & Lean and a Certified Executive Coach, is the Chief Catalyst at Beyond Z Consulting LLP. Pradeep has a track record of being called by Business leaders to solve complex problems that are aligned to strategic goals at business units in India, China and Europe. He has supported and lead lean events in global sites, and has trained and mentored Engineers and Managers in India, China, Europe, Japan and USA to help drive excellence in business. Pradeep has solved productivity and quality problems in global sites and helped these organizations to evolve Operational Excellence Strategy .
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When you need some help/information/service, you call the relevant customer care number. The receiver will provide the desired assistance. That’s what you think. That’s what you hope. Till you hear his/her voice on the other end. You instantly know what to expect!  The communication confirms your fears. It lacks clarity, sounds
I would say execution is the link between having a great business idea and obtaining business results. When organizations struggle to achieve what they set out to, then their execution is weak. More often than not it is felt that when it comes to execution, it's the role of the shop floor manager. According to the Conference Board
The primary objective of a business, we all would agree is to make money and more money, for now and forever; and to make money the main task is to sell. As  Eli  Goldratt rightly put it, the goal of an organization is to maximize Throughput while keeping the expenses low and in this context Throughput is  rate at which the
Typically when we talk of improvements and breakthrough in companies we always focus on Operations, and in the manufacturing sector it is the shop floor and related activities.  Quite often it appears that organizations keep these initiatives away from functions such as Human Resource, Sales and Finance; with an assumption that these
Cutting down on waste and variation means costs will also drop. Explains....Pradeep Kumar E T, Country Manager - Operational Excellence, Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Excerpts from his talk...   He says that first of all we must learn to see waste and variation. He defines waste as anything that does not add value
When a product fails- be it a wrist watch, a mobile phone, an electrical inverter or motor car; the first thing that comes to mind is that it's a manufacturing or inspection error. However it could be neither, the problem could be an inherent design problem; and the term used to define such problems is "Reliability".