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Dr. John Sullivan
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Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known thought leader in HR. He is a frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. Formerly the chief talent officer for Agilent Technologies (the 43,000-employee HP spin-off), he is now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He was called the "Michael Jordan of Hiring" by Fast Company magazine. More recruiting articles by Dr. Sullivan can be found in the ER Daily archives.


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Life can be chaotic at a startup. You never know how long the company can milk its investment cash, and being acquired is a luxury most never experience. Employees working for Isaac Choi, CEO of WrkRiot, got more than any...
Many organizations and survey software providers use the terms “employee pulse surveys” and “always-on survey” (or variations of always-on, such as “continuous feedback” or “real-time feedback”) interchangeably. While this makes sense on the surface, pulse surveys are technically more similar...
Our attempts to improve engagement have been an epic fail. This, according to the most recognized organization involved in this arena. In the Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, the Gallup Organization authors state: “Though there have been some slight ebbs and...
One of South Africa’s many tourism drawcards has to be that the “Big Five” reside within our borders. I spend a lot of time in the bush, and we are sometimes even lucky enough to see the Big Five in...
Last month, I spoke with a former human resources director who had recently quit her high-paying job at a large company where she felt required to treat people with suspicion, devoid of dignity. She simply couldn’t take it anymore. Facing...
Why in the hell would a well-established company in the employment space randomly change its name from Beyond to Nexxt? is easy to remember and doesn’t fall victim to spellcheck when writing an email or text. Nexxt, with two...