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  The problem is surely not with the technology's capabilities, rather the problem is in our understanding.   Often we hear about a disruptive technology that is about to revolutionize our lives. Scientists call for media spotlight, political leaders issue statements, NGOs raise concern and some eager businessmen
While the market spirits are battered down by the global credit crisis, The Carbon Emissions Market has steadily moved up in significance in the recent years. This is the result of various international regulatory efforts to mitigate global climate change by limiting the emission of greenhouse gases. While the market spirits are battered
It's so convenient to talk about environment protection, yet it is such a tough task to balance development without creating a huge ecological disaster. Lighting for the poor Thankfully  Printed Brochure is an important marketing tool you just cannot afford to overlook.   An important marketing tool you just
 "You cannot wait for the perfect idea to come by to quit your job; since there is no such thing called a perfect timing. Do you wait for all the traffic lights to turn green before you leave home?" These words by Manish Sabharwal , Chairman, Teamlease summarized the thoughts expressed at the Eximius Entrepreneurship Summit
There is a need for a Smart Home concept which is all about reasonable resale value, compact yet comfortable space and quality of amenities. Real estate has emerged as one of India's fastest growing sectors, with a 30% annual growth rate. Post liberalization of FDI norms the industry has seen tremendous international interest. The give entrepreneurs a forum to showcase imagination with a working prototype and interact with venture capitalist. It is an ecosystem where one can find support from mentors and look for partners among similar ventures. "I have a prototype of my product offering; I have my team of technical experts in place; I even have a few