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I've been the Social Media Editor at Forbes since October, 2011. Prior to that, I was a freelance writer and contributor here. On this blog, I focus on futurism, cutting edge technology, and breaking research. Follow me on Twitter - @thealexknapp. You can email me at


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Andreessen Horowitz-backed internet satellite startup Astranis signed a deal with Pacific Dataport to deliver high-speed satellite internet to the entire state of Alaska.
SpaceX is trimming 10% from its workforce in order to build a "leaner company" and meet its ambitious goals.
The bipartisan bill, expected to be signed by President Trump, will push more government resources into developing quantum computing.
Microsoft will offer ZestFinance’s machine learning tools to its customers in the finance industry.
Elon Musk’s rocket company is reportedly raising $500 million in venture funding to further develop the rocket it plans to send to Mars.
After years of delays, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has finally sent a ship to space. Will customers be far behind?



Elon Musk's SpaceX is raising $500 million in new investments.
Manufacturing startup Made In Space takes 3D printing to the final frontier.
Venture capitalist Arama Kukutai talks about what he looks for in agricultural technology investments.
Chemical manufacturing startup Solugen has released a line of cleaning wipes made with its enzymatic processes. The products serve as proof-of-concept for a new, environmentally-friendly way to manufacture chemicals.
3D Systems has a new platform for 3D printing that permits full-scale manufacturing - and its first products may wind up in your dentists' office.
In the past few decades, soil health has become remarkably degraded. These startups aim to fix that.



Sila Nanotechnologies, which makes energy-dense materials for lithium batteries, announced Thursday that it's raised $70 million in order to move into commercial production.