LG India Launches Series of High-End Audio Products

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LG India aims for the top slot in digital audio market. To attain this goal it announced its foray into the MP3 &MP4 players and car audio segment. It showcased Dual-format High-definition Disc Player in India. Company also launched its new ‘touche' series of home theaters, lifestyle audio systems, MP3 players and high-end DVD. It targets turnover of Rs. 450 crores from digital audio video segment.


LG India, consumer electronics company announced its foray into the MP3 & MP4 players and car audio segment. It showcased Dual-format High-definition Disc Player. Company also launched its new ‘touche' series of home theaters, lifestyle audio systems, MP3 players and high-end DVD that shall possess special features like sleek touch pad, high-gloss piano black bodyline and red lighting. The bio-indicate lighting in touch pad shall enable the user to communicate with the product that reacts to the user movement in its touch sensor area. Also these products are loaded with maximum playback compatibility including DivX, DVD Video, MP3, DVD-RW, JPEG, and WMA etc. These products employ XTS (Excellent True Sound) that controls and stabilizes the frequency range to produce best and balanced sound through all frequency levels. All the products support USB host port that directly connects to mobile devices. 


LG's latest virtual 5.1ch Home Cinema with built-in hard disc drive (J1OHD) and VSM-virtual sound matrix allows users to experience 5.1Ch sound quality. 80GB HDD integrated in this product enables the users to store approximately 60 movies, 2000 music file and millions of pictures that could be viewed any time. It is also possible to store CD music file in HDD drive in MP3 format. 


LG's first touchscreen MP3 has a touch screen LCD display that brings total control to user's fingertips with its dragging, clicking and wheel function on a 2.4-inch TFT LCD display. It supports video playback of MPEG 4 and popular audio file formats including MP3, WMA, OGG and ASF. It is equipped with 2GB/4GB flash memory and supports FM radio/recorders. Other features include ultra-high-speed file transfer capability through its USB 2.0. 


MP3 and MP4 players are priced from Rs. 3,000-12,000/- and car audios shall be available at a price range of Rs. 5,000-60,000/-. Audio video segment is the focus category for LG therefore the company would spend Rs. 5 crore in the second quarter in this year for aggressive marketing of these products to reach out to the large consumer base. LG India targets achieving turnover of Rs. 450 crores from digital audio video segment this year. This translates 70% value growth for the company in this segment though the industry itself is growing at the rate lower than 10%.


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