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 By: Jessica Hagy
What could prevent you from being happier or greatness? YOU. This article from Jessica Hagy in Forbes is a very simple but impactful article on implimentable steps to achieve Happiness and Greatness. As Jack Canfield puts in his book called "Success Principles" owning 100% responsibility is a key factor.. You can access the same here
The Six Enemies of Greatness (and

We can learn a lot from the Easter Bunny

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What's not to love about a cheerful fellow who arrives with chocolate heralding the arrival of spring after a long cold winter?
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Is Giving Good? Do Givers really Gain? While there are a lot of stories about how Givers Gain, there is very little research and academic validation for it. Adam Grant Professor at Wharton however has done some excellent research on this and this article from the New York Times highlights some of it. I enjoyed reading it, Giving is good for you.
Just after noon on a Wednesday in

Seven Leadership Lessons from Great Basketball Coaches

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The first thing I remember purchasing with my own money that I earned was a basketball. As a boy, when I wasn’t in class, often I was shooting baskets.
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Inspiring... it is not about money. Ikea founder Mr.Kamprad is worth more than $18 Billion, yet lives a frugal life. Does not flaunt wealth and looks at every oppotunity to save. Inspiring story of what  the billionaire values.Self-made man: Ingvar Kamprad with wife Margaretha  In his faded coat, tinted prescription glasses and scuffed shoes, he looks like just another

Company Vision: Dream Big Without Getting Hurt

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The reality of big dreams is they take a long time to achieve. It’s easy for your dreams to get the best of you when they’re too big to achieve in the short term. Big dreams can be a huge motivation killer, especially when they are hitched to your company vision.

Extracting More Than Cash From Your Angel Investors

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  A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. In order to extract value beyond your Angel investors' cash, you must first assess

Bold Approaches for Successfully Retaining Every Innovator, Part 1 of 2

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A retention toolkit for innovators Corporate executives are beginning to learn the high value of innovators, which can be 5 to 300 times the value of an average employee. If a company doesn’t have enough innovators, a primary option is recruiting them. In a previous related article, I highl
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what kind of an introduction would you like to present when networking? the article suggests some pitfalls to avoid when framing an introduction about oneself. The purpose to let people know who you are in as simple terms and language as possible without the need to unnecessarily glorify. worth reading and implementing

Help Your Leaders Lead

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Deep inside an enormous software company, a team of passionately committed individuals works day and night to improve their customers’ and partners’ experiences. These committed service heroes know that satisfaction is not enough to retain loyalty and gain market share.