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How one deals with adversity, could be the difference between what one accomplishes in his/ her life. Here's a thought on converting Adversity into Opportunity.
Convert adversity into OPPORTUNITY!   A certain amount of opposition is of great help to a man. Kites rise against, not with the wind - John Neal. Adversity or difficult times are often feared,

Don't Bet the Farm

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But how much risk is good? Is it worth betting the farm? The Lance Armstrong episode may have a lesson.  In January 2013 Armstrong confessed to having used banned drugs during his professional cycling career between 1998 and 2005. It was too late.
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 By: Mark Mckergow
I liked Mark McKergow's concept of Host Leadership. Steps above the typical stereotypes of "Dictator", "Servent Leader" and so on. In this article he shares how as a Host Leader you take charge when needed and in other times create space for others to do thier part. Excellent concept.
Our next focus of discussion at www.hostleadership.com

To lead, we must listen.

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The best leaders are supposed to be the best speakers. However, there is one attribute of communication that is even more powerful for every leader. The power to LISTEN. Here is my blog that covers this very important topic. http://ianfariablog.blogspot.in/2012/11/to-lead-we-must-listen.html
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This has been an exciting year for EFactor founders Adrie Reinders and Marion Freijsen. Their highly anticipated book “The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age” hit the shelves just couple of weeks ago and already reached #1 on Amazon

Is intuition a boon or a bane?

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Why do we make decisions that are not in our best interest? Why do we drive faster when running late to catch a plane? Why don’t we realise that the probability of an accident increases at higher speeds? Why do firms, in spite of many rounds of interviews, at times hire the wrong person for

Nirbhaya Movement- Why more such will happen- The times are changing.

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The Nirbhaya movement across the country following the gang rape of a girl in Delhi has certainly foxed the authorities. They are wondering how so many people could come out and protest, there must be someone organising all this, trying to foment trouble.

10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today !

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You might not feel it day-to-day, but people management is in a major transition.  The old days of command-and-control leadership are fading in favor of what might be better termed a trust-and-track method, in which people are not just told what to do, but whythey are doing it.

Big fish in a small pond?

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Most leaders get complacent being the big guy in a small company. The really smart leaders realize that there is more to be learned outside the organization. What kind of person are you... the one who wants to be a big fish.... in a small pond, or a small fish in the ocean?
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This is a wonderful interview with Seth Godin, where Seth in his clear and perceptive manner, shares views on leadership, handling change and covers industries from publishing to education. I tharoughly enjoyed it. Recommend this to Leaders and Entrepreneurs.I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Seth and our stimulating