New paradigms in design of organisations,book review

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 This book is about creating an exciting ambiance in the workplace that facilitates an employee to perform and identify with the organization, concurrently enhancing his psychological well-being as a person. Wish to belong,want to perform by Prof D.Sampath On the basis of res

Managers are not MBAs: You will not get to learn Management in an MBA program

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There is a lot wrong with how companies are managed. Henry Mintzberg and Ricardo Semler share very emphatically why they think an MBA education only equips one with business knowhow like finance, marketing, etc. but does not equip one to be a Manager.
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What is your Legacy? what builds your Legacy? Why is Legacy Important? What does Legacy do to you? The fantastic interview with Jim Kouzes  linked here outlines answers to some of this and points to a book authored by Jim. When you become history, be a story worth telling and if you need to be a story retold, what does one need to do? Hope your read of the article does leave you yearning for a

A good leader knows how to groom future ones

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Ferruccio Rossi, chief executive officer of Ferretti Group, a luxury yatch maker, has worked as a consultant for KPMG Consulting for first three years of his career.

A leader should never be in a comfort zone

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Decisions taken under pressure usually are knee-jerk reactions. Downsizing is not a solution to a difficult situation,” says Partho Dasgupta, managing director, of IT firm NEC India. He spoke to HT on a range of leadership issues.   Excerpts: How do you define a lea

A leader must develop talent

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Yasmine Hilton is the first woman chairman to be heading one of India’s biggest multinational energy companies - Shell India. After serving 30 years in the company in various roles, she says this will be her last job. She spoke to Hindustan Times on the responsibilities and challenges fa

A leader must re-build strategy as per times

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MG George Muthoot, chairman, The Muthoot Group, has more than 55 years of industry experience and is the 3rd generation head of the group. Muthoot shares his best and worst leadership decisions and talks about other leadership issues with HT. Excerpts:   How do you define a le

A leader should be a people-centric person

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Nikhil Nanda, joint managing director, Escorts Ltd, has the overall responsibility for managing the group’s agriculture, construction and engineering businesses. Nanda, an alumnus of Wharton Business School, Philadelphia, spoke to HT on a range of issues on leadership. Excerpts: &n