From OTIF to Inventory reduction in DC's...

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On Time In Full - OTIF or DIFOT which is delivered in full on time are some metrics or performance indicators that we see product companies publish or highlight.

The Power of Belief and looking past Limitations

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I often underestimate the power of belief, the power of mindsets on how we take on challenges. The story in this video is a vivid example of how far one can go powered by belief, despite debilitating limitations.
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 By: Toni Schneider
Is it possible to create a world class product with a team of 50 without an office? Wordpress by far is the leading Blogging Software, and the team believes in the advantages of having a distributed team. One key reasons that way you can hire the best talent wherever they are. How do they make this work. Here is an interesting article by Toni Schneider, CEO at Automattic, the company which makes

Personality of Inquisitive Organisations

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Last month I had written about how leadership behaviour inculcates the spirit of learning. Surely learning orientation and leadership behaviour stem from corporate culture? What are the key cultural aspects of inquisitive organisations?

Growing with the Company :- A billionaire shares his experience.

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Nice short 5 min video from Forbes, where CEOs of startups ask a Billionaire how he scaled up and managed his team.

21 Quotes from Henry Ford on Business, Leadership and Life

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I knew, before starting to write this post, what we all know about Henry Ford: founder of Ford Motor Company, seminal proponent of mass production in the form of the assembly line, creator of the Model T and author of the tart line, “you can have it in any color you want, as long a

Don't Make People Pay, Let Them

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Don't make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer. Let them. Amanda Palmer got $1.2 Million from her Fans after a music label from her earlier album termed her a failure.
From: ted.com
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Dan Ariely, in this very interesting talk proves that we do not work just for 'money'. It is a sense of satisfaction, achievement and a bit of recognition from our peers that drives us to do things that are not always fun but we do continue to do it to reach the goal.
What motivates us to work? Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn't just money. But it's not exactly joy either. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and

Inquisitive Organisation - The Leader’s Role

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      Learning by Doing  A singular characteristic of learning organisations is their propensity to learn by doing.

Velocity of Opportunity

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  Speed wins deals and procrastination (delay) kills deals. A statement very strong, but true…however, something which all the sales professionals would agree based on their experience in the field. Every buying decision that a customer takes, involves a complete process of evaluatio