Questioning Skills that help the cause of Ideation

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Why did you come late? Why can’t you do this? Is there someone who can give me a better idea? Who among you can solve this issue?  This is a simple concept. Who among you has not understood the problem? What is the capital of Mongolia?  Now that we have the facts , are we all agree

"Business Model Innovation" - an imperative for Businesses

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A good business model answers Peter Drucker’s age-old questions: Who is the customer? And what does the customer value? It also answers the fundamental questions every manager must ask: How do we make money in this business? What is the underlying economic logic that explains how we can deli

Mastering the art of managing

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Twenty-five hundred years ago a new Chinese emperor took the throne of the Middle Kingdom.  Because he was only 18, he called upon the court's wisest adviser. “O learned sage.  O venerable counselor,” said the young emperor, “you advised my grandfather the em

Popular Misconceptions of Strategy

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The subject of strategy is unique for the many misconceptions managers carry. Here are just three, and what you can do about them.  The fallacy of first mover advantage  1. First mover advantage is a fallacy dearly held.

New paradigms in design of organisations,book review

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 This book is about creating an exciting ambiance in the workplace that facilitates an employee to perform and identify with the organization, concurrently enhancing his psychological well-being as a person. Wish to belong,want to perform by Prof D.Sampath On the basis of res

Managers are not MBAs: You will not get to learn Management in an MBA program

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There is a lot wrong with how companies are managed. Henry Mintzberg and Ricardo Semler share very emphatically why they think an MBA education only equips one with business knowhow like finance, marketing, etc. but does not equip one to be a Manager.
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What is your Legacy? what builds your Legacy? Why is Legacy Important? What does Legacy do to you? The fantastic interview with Jim Kouzes  linked here outlines answers to some of this and points to a book authored by Jim. When you become history, be a story worth telling and if you need to be a story retold, what does one need to do? Hope your read of the article does leave you yearning for a

Why you need to Focus

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Most, if not all, consistently successful firms focus sharply on a few things. Most managers, however, believe it means addressing niche markets and chasing small opportunities. It seems to be restrictive and consequently assumed that a focuser is destined to remain small.