How to Delegate Effectively in a Small Business

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Entrepreneurs are natural-born do-it-yourselfers, tackling each and every task that comes their way. And while that attitude is admirable, it can be pretty ineffective, too. Luckily, my super-efficient small business slice will show you how to delegate effectively in under 90 seconds flat. Don&rs

Forbes KPMG CEO Outlook — Setting The Course For Growth [VIDEO]

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In 2014 partnered with KPMG to explore CEOs’ outlook for the global economy and growth. The study identified that while executives are confident about their abilities to realize efficient growth, they are focusing attention on implementing rapid innovation strategies to combat disrupti

Self-Made Billionaires Do This; Grit Camp for Students; Facebook's Surprise KPI; Where Should Leaders Sit

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"...keeping you great" HEADLINES: The first billion is the hardest. I know from experience. If you are interested in giving it a shot, The Self-made Billionaire Effect is a good starting point. Great research. Great stories. Great opportunity. T.

Changing Habits And Assessing Our Lives: January's Top 10 Leadership Stories

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In January, everything seems possible: We can be healthier this year, read more, and get that promotion. This month, we helped you get those goals started—and added a few new ones to the mix.   Here are the stories you loved in Leadership this month. The year may h

A Surefire Way to be a Better Leader

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Most businesses fail because they have weak leadership, not because of outside factors. Learn a surefire way to be a better

Camel carts and strategic thinking

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It was a strange question and it took me completely by surprise. I was travelling in Rajasthan with the General Sales Manager of Hindustan Lever (now Hindustan Unilever).

The Authenticity Paradox

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Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But a simplistic understanding of what it means can hinder your growth and limit your impact. Consider Cynthia, a general manager in a health care organization.

Boosting Accountability and Performance in Today's Workforce

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The power of a leader is reflected in the power of his team, because powerful leaders know how to tap into the potential of their people. They don't control their power in traditional ways. Instead, they exchange their power for their team's performance.

The power of breaking free

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How often have you felt this deep urge to just break free, to let go, to be yourself ? And how often have you actually got down to doing it, even if it meant breaking the norms or the family and society expectations or upsetting people who matter ?

The Art of The Deal

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You hear us talk about making “deals”, about investing and businesses and real estate, but what is a “deal”? This week, Kim talks with Rich Dad advisor Ken McElroy and Lesley Brice (MC Companies) about THE ART OF THE DEAL. How do you put together a deal? How do you finance