The Difference Between Dreamers and Doers

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In many ways, setting goals is similar to dreaming of success – goals are desired outcomes. But achieving goals (and with them, success) is infinitely harder and more complex. While many things on the road to success like Estée Lauder’s are beyond your control, how you apply

Defying Perfectionism

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The Value Drawbacks of Living as a Perfectionist… Perfectionism… “To be, or not to be?” That is of course the ultimate question, and there are certainly arguments for and against it. Those who support perfectionism may tell you that it’s a measure of thei

10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated to Participate in Content Marketing

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For the past few years, I’ve been talking quite a bit here on The Sales Lion about the power of Insourcing. Simply put, I feel most companies are grossly under-utilizing their existing employee base to produce content—be it text, video, or audio. In order to overcome this issue and he

How To Run a Meeting

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From: hbr.org   By: Antony Jay  
“@HarvardBiz: Our archive pick this week is Antony Jay’s classic “How to Run a Meeting.” http://t.co/Q0dODP2qPt http://t.co/LUPhh8JPC9” Why have a meeting anyway? Why indeed? A great many important matters are quite satisfactorily conducted by a single individual who consults nobody. A great many more are resolved by a letter, a memo, a phone call, or a simple conversation between two people. Sometimes five minutes
From: searchenginejournal.com By Debbie Miller
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Which is more effective when it comes to re-using hotel towels : "Save the environment " or "Join your fellow guests in saving the environment"?  Turns out the second message gets significantly better results, because it uses "Social Proof",  Dan Pink says that “When we try to predict people’s behaviors, we always over weight the importance of personality and underweight the

Ricardo Semler: Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

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From: www.youtube.com  
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/VlbiLa7Wzw Ricardo Semler: Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life What if your job didn’t control your life? Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler practices a radical form of corporate democracy, rethinking everything from board meetings to how workers report their vacation days (they don’t have to). It’s a vision that rewards the wisdom of workers, promotes work-life balance — and leads to some deep insight on what work, and life, is really all about.

Camel carts and strategic thinking

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It was a strange question and it took me completely by surprise. I was travelling in Rajasthan with the General Sales Manager of Hindustan Lever (now Hindustan Unilever).

The Authenticity Paradox

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Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But a simplistic understanding of what it means can hinder your growth and limit your impact. Consider Cynthia, a general manager in a health care organization.

Boosting Accountability and Performance in Today's Workforce

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The power of a leader is reflected in the power of his team, because powerful leaders know how to tap into the potential of their people. They don't control their power in traditional ways. Instead, they exchange their power for their team's performance.

The power of breaking free

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How often have you felt this deep urge to just break free, to let go, to be yourself ? And how often have you actually got down to doing it, even if it meant breaking the norms or the family and society expectations or upsetting people who matter ?