Social Drive: How You Can Create Positive Change Right Now

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“I don’t want to do anything to deter anyone from believing there is power in the group, in the network. But it also seems like there is a lot of rhetoric the last few years against the power of one person, against ‘hero worship.’ Don’t get me wrong—I’m n

The Authenticity Paradox

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Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But a simplistic understanding of what it means can hinder your growth and limit your impact. Consider Cynthia, a general manager in a health care organization.

6 strategies for hiring exceptional senior leadership

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This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.   It’s no easy task to hire highly talented people with the expertise and personal qualities that align wit

Companies should be careful about not getting people to choose between culture and results: Ashok Soota

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For leaders, the choice should not be about deciding between how much time they spend focusing on results versus pursuing happiness. The element of happiness needs to be incorporated in everything they do, Ashok Soota tells Sangeeta Tanwar   We just saw how Jeff Bezos had to f

The illusion of control

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It’s modern and very widespread. It motivates us, frightens us and drives our consumer mania: The idea that we are in control. That our work is so leveraged and important that through force of will, we can ensure that

Transforming Business—Successfully

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“Enterprises everywhere are experiencing the ‘business outcome gap.’ The business outcome gap can be defined as the difference between desired business outcomes and realized business outcomes. Desired outcomes are changing in response to rapidly evolving stakeholder needs, wheth

Entrepreneur vs Employee: The Healthy Tug of War

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A tug-of-war often occurs while implementing change in any small business—and it’s bound to create a little tension. And if it comes down to entrepreneur vs. employees, that trivial tug-of-war can quickly turn into a tightrope of terror.

Simple Leadership Advice For New Managers

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Many people who find themselves in a leadership role for the first time take a little while to get settled. Learning how to manage a team and give directives is no easy art. While they're figuring that out, some new managers fall back on preconceived notions about what leaders look like an

8 Habits Of Leaders Who Know How To Delegate

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Many leaders would say they already delegate a lot, yet plenty of employees would say their bosses are micromanagers who don't delegate enough.   [Delegating] isn't about managers losing control and oversight of what their teams are doing. Disagreement about what

Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

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This article is part of an 8 part series to help you develop more confidence in the pursuit of your goals. Here is a list of all articles within this series: Improving Self-Esteem Transform Your Self-Concept Boosting Self-Confidence Developing Self-Worth Building a Healthy Self-Ima