The Top 5 Leadership Stories, June 23-27

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Who doesn't like to navel gaze just a little bit?   At the very least it's become one of society's favorite pastimes to examine the habits, traits, tricks, and mistakes that make people who they are, and this week was no different.

Alibaba – The Biggest Tech IPO – Worth over $200 Billion

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This week, Jack Ma, the son of Chinese performers, is making history with the biggest tech IPO ever seen. Google’s worth at IPO was just over $50 billion. Facebook’s was just over $100 billion. Jack’s Alibaba will be over $200 billion. What can we learn from Jack? Jack’s who

Summit Fever in Board Rooms

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On May 20, 2014 Chhanda Gayen and two Sherpas were swept away by an avalanche while descending from Mt. Yalung Kang (8505m), the west peak of Kanchenjunga massif. Experts do falter She was a very accomplished mountaineer. In May 2013, she created a world record by climbing Mt. Everest (8848

Rethinking the review calendar

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Add to My PageFor many corporations, employee performance appraisal is another annual ritual that must be performed. For the bulk of the employees it boils down to salary hikes and promotions. The 'performance' side of the programme get short shrift in the process.

Betting on your "Your Core Genius"

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"When I talk to people who have a hard time achieving goals, one of the most common excuses I hear is “but I don’t have enough time.” If you can’t find extra time to invest in the pursuit of your goals, it’s time to reprioritize your responsibilities." This
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  The buzzword has always been " Elevator Pitch"  which Marketing gurus have over emphasised  and Leaders have adopted and made it part of their belief system  that they should focus on presentations which get classified as meeting the "elevator pitch" requirement . Daniel Kahneman has clearly shown how our brain gets deceived - "System 1 and System 2, the fast and slow types of thinking, become characters

The Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 14-18

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Be less annoying on Twitter, more brave in the board room, and smarter about your search engine tactics: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of April 14.   Become More Productive Without Actually Doing More Work Too good to be true? Not quite.

If you don’t have a plan B, you don’t have a plan

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You might have heard about the Chinese proverb that says, “When planning for a year, plant corn.  When planning for a decade, plant trees.  When planning for life, train and educate people.”  And part of that training should be developing a backup plan.   You ma

How Do I Stop People From Interrupting at Meetings?

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"I can't wait for this meeting!" said no one ever.   But while no one likes meetings, they are a necessary part of working life and thankfully there are ways to make them less painful.
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January 23, 2014 By Jack and Suzy Welch The best thing that can happen to you as a boss is hiring a person who is smarter, more creative, or in some way more talented than you are. It’s like winning the lottery. Suddenly you’ve got a team member whose talent will very likely improve everyone’s performance and reputation. Including yours. Yes, it’s human nature to feel fearful that a