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Giving back and building a better future through FinTech

Advertising Content from CitiWith initiatives like Giving Tuesday on November 27, today’s global community has greater opportunities than ever before to help those in need. A credit to the internet’s shrinking of the globe, social
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Initiative Q doesn't exist. But its marketing is genius.

Viral marketing campaigns on the internet are nothing new, but Initiative Q is something else.  The project that calls itself "tomorrow's payment network" has people buzzing, signing up, and sharing invites. For their troubles, users who
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Grindr aims to stamp out discrimination on its platform with 'Kindr' initiative

Grindr has long had a problem with discrimination. It's evidenced by profiles which are openly racist, with terms like "Black=block," "no gaysians" or "no chocolate or rice" that are written in these bios. SEE ALSO: Bumble launches digital snooze
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Michael B. Jordan and Warner Bros. parent company partner for diversity and inclusion initiative

WarnerMedia, which owns Warner Bros., HBO, Turner, and more, has partnered with Michael B. Jordan to improve diversity in film, reports the Los Angeles Times.  “The WarnerMedia family has introduced an approach that accomplishes our
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UK school initiative encouraging kids to run around improving their health

'The Daily Mile' is the brainchild of former principal, Elaine Wyllie, who was concerned about the fitness and concentration among some students. She set up the program as a simple solution to a growing problem in many schools. Her idea has spread
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There's a problem with YouTube's new anti-propaganda initiative

YouTube is attempting to stem the ugly ooze of propaganda and conspiracy theories on its platform with what can be best described as a misleading Band-Aid. On Friday, Google-owned YouTube announced it's rolling out "notices" that inform users they'
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Majority of businesses in Massachusetts are against legalizing cannabis

From: Mashable By Mona Zhang Recommended by: Mashable Image: Mashable compositeA new survey from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) found that 62% of businesses in the state oppose legalizing cannabis. Massachusetts'
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An Innovator's Dream...

1.2 million euros....hearing at the price of his Yacht, I was stunned ..more so, because this was the first time in my life, I was sitting in a yacht relaxing on a sofa with a cup of lemon tea in my hand. This was all because of Arik, who had paid
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Women empowerment @work taking charge of your life

From: Via: Women empowerment @work taking charge of your life by @anjana_vivek #employees #entrepreneurs via @SlideShareWomen
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From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek ... This slideshare presentation is from the series of sessions and workshops conducted at IIMs and corporates - for Women Entrepreneurs and Women Employees ... under