5 Tips To Optimize Your Product Listing Ad Campaigns

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What is product listing ad? Product Listing Ads appear when someone searches for

30+ professional events in advertising and social media

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The Mashable Events Board is a great place to find leading conferences in your industry, whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that can help move your career forward.

Google My Business is Critical For Small Business

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Small business owners know the power of a good reputation. But many of them underestimate the power of the almighty Google, and what it’s been telling your potential customers. So today’s sublime small business slice reveals exactly how to get back in Google’s good graces, and s

How to Profitably Co-operate with Competitors

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In January 1999 Konkan Railway (India) did something strange. They introduced a service that would carry their competitors on their open cars. Sleeping with the enemy… Railways and trucks compete for freight.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels: The “Serving To Win” Webinar

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In early 2011, LUX* Resorts & Hotels (formerly known as Naiade Resorts) was in trouble – accumulating heavy losses, high expenditures and costs, unable to meet commitments. Three years later LUX* has rebounded with a five-star luxury brand, a global reputation for shining service, growing profi
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6 BUSINESS IDEAS TO START In this video Phil goes over 6 business ideas that you can start. Complimentary eBook 101 business ideas. Subscribe: 6 Business Ideas To Start is a video to help people start a business. I have made this to inspire and encourage people to start in business. If you have any questions or comments please leave

How a couple made almost a quarter of a million dollar business...from scratch

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We want to introduce you to Julie Mills and Julian Thornton, a couple all the way from Australia, who have gone through all the bumps and bruises of selling online products, only to come out on

Why Silicon Valley Will Continue to Rule the Tech Economy

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From:   By: Michael S. Malone Why Silicon Valley Will Continue to Rule Tech Economy. I believe it can be replicated if critical mass is acheived August 22, 2014 6:51 PM   Human talent and research and design labs are arriving to dominate the new era of devices. By Silicon Valley, especially its San Francisco wing, is richer and more powerful than ever. Yet there are growing murmurs—underscored by

After-sales is a sure-shot way to engage with the customer: Michael Mayer

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Interview with Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars IndiaAdd to My PageAn effective after-sales strategy allows customers to touch the brand. It helps develop that element of satisfaction and delight that the company/brand aspires to achieve, Michael Mayer tells Abhilasha OjhaVolkswagen has been pres

Book Extract: Culture and recruitment

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Recruitment at Nissan is totally focused on getting the type of people who will fit in with the culture and be of the right quality. There are no compromises. The company will delay appointment rather than hire someone who does not fit the required characteristics of team working, quality consciousn