Book Extract: Getting small and nimble

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My PageTHE SOFT EDGE: WHERE GREAT COMPANIES FIND LASTING SUCCESSAUTHOR: Rich KarlgaardPUBLISHER: WileyISBN: 9788126555345PRICE: Rs 599Not that long ago, the rap on SAP, the German-headquartered software giant, was that it had fail-safe software, but you had to reengineer your entire company to use i

12 things you should look for in a startup internship

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If you're a recent grad yearning to work at a startup, internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and gain firsthand experience. That said, internships are sometimes confused with free labor — so if you're looking to kick-start your career, find a company that values your skills and co

How one Italian restaurant stands out in New York City

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It's hard not to feel like you're part of the warm and caring Italian family when you walk through the doors at West 56th street in New York City. Sal Scognomillo, the current head chef at Patsy's Italian Restaurant is a jovial, sweet man who exudes a genuine contentment with life — hard to find in

The power of higher purpose

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My PageWhen you look at champions across all walks of life, do you ever wonder what drives them, what is the force that motivates them to push the limits of endurance and achieve greatness? What made Karamveer Singh Kang, the general manager of Taj Mumbai, rush to the property from another hotel dur

Looking for a smooth run

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My PageWith the holiday season currently on, online travel agency (OTAs) are pulling out all the stops to inspire last-minute trips with customised deals and attractive discounts. If figures are anything to go by, online travel market in India accounts for 44 per cent (Rs 64,723 crore) of the Rs 1,4

Fast-food workers give awesome advice about what not to eat

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Don’t even think about ordering that Burger King veggie burger.The modern fast-food restaurant is a chamber of culinary horrors, employees confirm. Employees of fast-food companies jumped into Reddit to offer crucial advice on limp munchies. The 127,000 responses may cause you to rethink your lunch

Hireside chat: How to structure the perfect interview

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Hireside chats are in partnership with The Resumator, bringing recruiters, hiring managers and heads of talent or HR the latest thinking around both how you hire and who you hire to consistently outperform.When someone applies for a job, whether they realize it or not, they're saying to you, "I am t

5 Extreme Lessons From The World Cup That Can Upgrade Your Ecommerce Sales

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Like the World Cup, an ecommerce is also a vast business platform to get increased profit. As

The Where Factor: Location Intelligence and the Competitive Edge

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The convergence of business intelligence and big data has given rise to data-driven organizations—organizations that use data to direct business practices, marketing, new product development and other operational activities. But business intelligence platforms typically miss an important di

How To Upload Products In Bulk To Amazon

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Listing of products on Amazon can be very productive. The key points and benefits that Amazon